The Triple Nipple Club

The Triple Nipple Club

The Triple Nipple Club is a documentary shown on Channel 4 which explored the biological mystery of the supernumerary nipple [ [ Throwback | First Cut: The Triple Nipple Club | Free Video Clips from Channel 4 ] ] . First broadcast on 2 January 2008, it was directed and produced by Dan Louw and commissioned as part of Channel 4's First Cut series [ [ Channel 4 - FourDocs blog - First Cut line-up ] ] .

The film focuses on Dan’s attempts to understand why he was born with extra nipples, a condition he shares with the likes of Mark Wahlberg [ [ - Mark Wahlberg's third nipple love ] ] , Lily Allen [ [ YouTube - Lilly Allen Third Nipple ] ] and Tilda Swinton, as well as well known TV and film characters such as Scaramanga and Chandler Bing.

Fascinated and confused by this seemingly pointless mutation, Dan sets off on a personal journey of discovery to try and unwrap “the riddle of the triple nipple”. He starts out by consulting the man in the street and even a renowned teratologist, an expert in physical mutations. After testing the notion that extra nipples could be sign of fertility, he discovers that they are actually an atavism, or evolutionary ‘holdover’ – a sign of how humans evolved [ [ Salon | Why do men have nipples? ] ] .


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