Hero of Belarus

Hero of Belarus

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Hero of Belarus ( _be. Герой Беларусi; Łacinka: Hieroj Biełarusi; Russian: Герой Беларуси, transliterated "Geroy Belarusi") is the highest title that can be bestowed on a citizen of Belarus. Established by a presidential decree in 1995, the title is awarded to those "who perform great deeds in the name of Belarus." The deed can be for military performance, economic performance or great service to the State and society. The design of the medal is similar to that of its predecessor, Hero of the Soviet Union. Similar titles to the Hero of Belarus include the Russian Hero of the Russian Federation and the Ukrainian Hero of Ukraine. Since its creation, the title has been awarded to ten people.


The title was created by the Belarus Supreme Soviet on April 13, 1995, with the passage of Resolution N 3726-XII, titled "System of State Awards for the Republic of Belarus." Alongside the Hero of Belarus title, the resolution authorized the creation of medals, orders, and titles that can be presented by the Belarusian government. The creation of the awards was a way to honor those who have made valuable contributions to Belarus, irrespective of whether they were performed by a citizen or a foreigner.National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus [http://pravo.by/webnpa/text_txt.asp?RN=H10400288 Resolution N 3726-XII] . Retrieved May. 15 2005. ru icon]

Recommendation process and awarding

To be considered for title, a person must perform a deed that greatly benefits the state and Belarusian society at large. The title can be awarded to those serving in the military, public service or private enterprise. It can only be awarded once to an individual, and can be awarded posthumously. The official criteria are stated in Chapter 2, Article 6 of Resolution N 3726-XII. Chapter 3, Article 60 of Resolution N 3726-XII allows any group (association) of workers to submit a recommendation (petition) for an individual to be awarded the title. Governmental bodies, the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers, cabinet officials and public unions, among others, are also eligible to submit nominations for the title. The candidate is evaluated, and if deemed worthy, the nomination is forwarded to the Council of Ministers and then to the President of the Republic.

Under the Belarus Constitution, the President of the Republic has the power to bestow state awards. To announce an award, the President issues a decree conferring the title to a person.President of the Republic of Belarus [http://www.president.gov.by/en/press19332.html Constitution of Belarus -Duties of the President] . Retrieved Nov. 25 2006. en icon] Within two months, the title will be presented by the President in a formal setting, usually at the Presidential Palace in the capital city of Minsk. A certificate ("gramota") will also be presented to the recipient, signed by the President of the Republic.


Law 3599-XII, established on February 21, 1995, promised those who have received titles, high awards and orders in the Soviet Union benefits that they have received before. The same law allowed for those who received Belarusian titles and Veterans of the Great Patriotic War to receive the same benefits. The Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, Order of Glory and Order of Labor Glory were awards covered by the law. The following are examples of the benefits granted by the Belarusian Government:

*right to first access of free health care for themselves and their spouses. Those who do not use this benefit will be paid an amount in cash determined by the Council of Ministers. (Law 3599-XII, Chapter 2, Article 4)
*right to first access to state sanitariums, dispensaries, recreation centers, boarding houses or tourist homes. The cost of these facilities must not be more expensive than 25 percent of the total cost. (Law 3599-XII, Chapter 2, Article 4)
*rent-free housing, utilities, and services. (Law 3599-XII, Chapter 2, Article 5)
*one free roundtrip by rail, airplane, or truck. (Law 3599-XII, Chapter 2, Article 6)
*either free or reduced fees to register patents in Belarus.Belarusian Patent Bureau [http://beliaeva.nsys.by/english/fee/law_fee.html Fees] . Retrieved May 15 2005. en icon]

Some of these benefits were also arranged by Belarus' neighbors. If the Hero dies, then the benefits will remain with the spouse as long as they do not remarry and have reached an age to be able to receive a pension. The criteria are the same for the spouses of the aforementioned awards.National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus [http://pravo.by/webnpa/text_txt.asp?RN=V19503599 Resolution N 3599-XII] . Retrieved May. 16 2005. ru icon]

Construction and display

The recipient of the title is given a medal called the Medal of the Hero of Belarus (Belarusian: медаль Героя Беларусі, Russian: медаль Героя Беларуси). The star and suspension are made of gold, and thus it is nicknamed "Gold Star," as was its predecessor, the Hero of the Soviet Union. The star has a total diameter of 33 millimeters, and is attached to a rectangular suspension device (boot tree). In the center of the rectangle is a ribbon of two sections of red and one section of green. The red and green bars on the ribbon evoke the design and colors of the national flag. The amount of gold is set at 585-1 Test, with the total weight of the medal being 19 grams. President of the Republic of Belarus [http://www.president.gov.by/press28330.html Medal - Hero of Belarus design] . Retrieved Nov. 25 2005. ru icon] The present design was enacted into law by Presidential Decree Number 516 on November 6, 1999.

The design of the medal is modeled after one used for the Hero of the Soviet Union. Unlike the Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor and the Hero of the Russian Federation titles, there is no engraving on the reverse of the star. The ribbon also copies the Soviet Hero medal's ribbon, since a flag design was also used to make the ribbon of that medal. The medal is always worn in full on the left side of the breast above all other medals and orders. Chapter 4, Article 69 of Resolution N 3726 states that any awards and titles presented by the Soviet Union and the Byelorussian SSR must be placed after awards from the Republic of Belarus.

1996 medal

When the title was created, a suggested medal was drafted and designed by the government. The major difference between this medal and the current medal is the design of the suspension and the star medallion at the bottom: the top suspension is longer than the bottom, and the bottom star is outlined differently and is adorned with rubies. The design of the star evokes the Marshal's Star, which Soviet Marshals wore around their necks. This medal was adopted by Presidential Decree Number 26 on May 15, 1996. Belarusian Awards [http://www.belawards.narod.ru/HHeroBlr.htm History of the Hero of Belarus] . Retrieved May 14 2005. ru icon]


The first award in history was given to Uładzimir Karvat (posthumous) in 1996. The first "group awarding" took place on June 30, 2001 to Pavieł Maryjaŭ, Michaił Karčmit, Vital Kramko and Alaksandar Dubko (posthumous), Soviet Byelorussia [http://sb.by/print.php?articleID=6254 New Heroes of Belarus] . July 5, 2001. Retrieved May 19 2005. ru icon] while Kirill Vakhromeev, Mikhail Savicki, Mikhail Vysotsky, Piotr Prokopovich and Vasily Revyako were presented their titles on March 1, 2006. Belarusian Awards [http://www.belawards.narod.ru/KHeroBlr.htm List of Heroes of Belarus] . Retrieved May 17 2005. ru icon]

Uładzimir Karvat, a military pilot, was flying his training aircraft Sukhoi Su-27p on May 23, 1996. The plane caught fire and Karvat was ordered to eject to safety. Unknown to the ground crew, the plane would have crashed in an area full of civilians. Seeing the civilians on the ground, Karvat steered the plane away until it crashed one kilometer from the Brest Voblast settlements of Arabawshchyna and Vyalikaye Hatsishcha, killing him instanly. President Alexander Lukashenko issued Decree Number 484 on November 21, 1996, which posthumously awarded Karvat the title Hero of Belarus. [http://armyby.vif2.ru/karvat.html Biography of Karvat] . Retrieved May 17 2005. ru icon ] The crash site has been converted to a memorial for Karvat, where a copy of Lukashenko's decree is on the tail fin of the Sukhoi Su-27p.Airforce.ru [http://www.airforce.ru/memorial/belorussia/arabovshina/arabovshina.htm Memorial to Karvart] . Retrieved Nov. 25 2006. ru icon.]

Pavieł Maryjaŭ was awarded the title for his work in the automobile industry as manager of Belarusian Auto Works, a leading producer of Belarusian automobiles.

Vital Kramko and Michaił Karčmit were awarded for their work in the agriculture industry. Kramko is the chairman of the Hrodna Voblast agricultural collective "October", while Karcmit was the director of the Minsk Voblast cooperative "Snov" until his death in 2004.President of the Republic of Belarus [http://www.president.gov.by/press17427.html Karčmit passes away] . Printed May. 25 2004. Retrieved Nov. 25 2006. ru icon]

Alaksandar Dubko was posthumously awarded the hero title for his long service to the Belarusian and Soviet governments.

Kirill Vakhromeev, the current Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, was awarded the hero title for his work to restore spirituality among the Belarusian population.The National State Teleradiocompany [http://www.tvr.by/eng/news.asp?id=15852&date=21.03.2006%2014:16:00 Filaret celebrates birthday] . Aired Mar. 21 2006. Retrieved Nov. 25 2006. en icon]

Mikhail Savicki was awarded the hero title for his long contributions to the Belarusian arts and for helping to set up art academies in the republic. The National State Teleradiocompany [http://www.tvr.by/eng/.%5Cnews.asp?id=15525&date=07.03.2006%209:47 Artist Mikhail Savitsky receives title of the hero of Belarus] . Aired Mar. 7 2006. Retrieved Nov. 25 2006. en icon] Mikhail Vysotsky was awarded for running the research enterprise "Belavtotraktorostroyeniye," a part of the National Academy of Sciences.

Piotr Prokopovich was awarded for his work as the chairman of the National Bank of Belarus.

Vasily Revyako was awarded for his work at the Hrodna Voblast agricultural co-op "Progress-Vertelishki."President of the Republic of Belarus [http://www.president.gov.by/en/press24141.html Head of State Confers the “Hero of Belarus” Title] . Printed Mar. 2 2006. Retrieved Nov. 25 2006. en icon]

In culture

The hero title was featured in a set of stamps released by BELPOST in December 2006, depicting the state awards of Belarus. On the first issue card, the medal is displayed in full color next to drawings of the state emblem, state flag and the Presidential Palace. A first day postal marking from Minsk also uses an outline of the medal, which is adorned with wreathes and the text "National Decorations of the Republic of Belarus" written in the Belarusian language.BELPOST [http://www.belpost.by/stamps/cat-chrono/rus/2007.htm Medals and Orders of the Republic of Belarus stamp set] . Retrieved Nov. 29 2006. ru icon] This is not the first time the Hero medal was featured on a Belarusian stamp; the medal was featured on a stamp commemorating the 3rd year of Karvat's death. Designed by V. Volynets, the 25,000 rouble stamp featured the medal on the left and Karvat's photo on the right in full color. In the white text below the medal, it says "Hero of Belarus, Uładzimir Mikalaevič Karvat, (28.11.1958 – 23.05.1996)". It was issued on August 12, 1999, and had a print run of 90,000.FSU New Issues [http://home.nestor.minsk.by/fsunews/belarus/1999/by327.html First Hero of Belarus V.N.Karavat.] . Retrieved Dec. 01 2006.]

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External links

*Belawards.com [http://www.belawards.narod.ru/HHeroBlr.htm History and Facts about the title Hero of Belarus] ru icon
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