Infobox Weapon
name=Ghaznavi/Hatf-III SRBM

type=Short range ballistic missile SRBM
engine=single stage solid propellant engine
weight=5,256 kg
length=8.5 m
diameter=0.8 m
vehicle_range=290 km
altitude=Unknown (Apogee)
filling=Single Conventional HE/Nuclear 50 to 100 kT
launch_platform=transporter erector launcher (TEL)
"For Mahmud Ghaznavi please see Mahmud of Ghazni"


Ghaznavi ( _ur. غزنوی) is the name given to a Pakistani missile. It is named after the 11th century Muslim conqueror Mahmud of Ghazni. The Ghaznavi missile is a short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) with an optimal range of 290 km. The Ghaznavi Missile has a CEP of 250 meters.

The Ghaznavi missile can deliver either a conventional or nuclear payload. It is powered by a single stage solid propellant engine. The Ghaznavi missile has already been added to the army’s “strategic command,” and Pakistan’s nuclear and missile program will maintain the pace of development, and tests will continue to be conducted as per technical needs.

Other missiles currently in the service of Pakistan are Hatf-I (BRBM), Abdali-I (BRBM), Ghauri-I (MRBM), Ghauri-II (MRBM), Ghauri-III (IRBM) (under development), Shaheen-I (MRBM), Shaheen-II (IRBM), Babur (cruise missile) and Ra'ad (cruise missile).

Note: Not every missile has nuclear payload.

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