International Aerobatic Club

International Aerobatic Club

The International Aerobatic Club, a devision of the Experimental Aircraft Association and the National Aeronautics Association, governs aerobatics and competition aerobatics in the United States under the regulation of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

The IAC was founded in 1970 [ IAC: History] ] as an evolution of the EAA's "Precision Flying Division" with the goal of an organized method for advancing aerobatic skills of its members via a "building block" competition system. The IAC is responsible for pilot selection of the Advanced and Unlimited U.S. Aerobatic Teams as well as for the fundraising required to send the teams to the World Aerobatic Championships.

There are local chapters of the IAC throughout the US and Canada. Chapters promote aerobatics on a local level as well as host aerobatic critiques and contests for IAC members.


External links

* [ Official IAC Website]
* [ Advanced U.S. Aerobatic Team]
* [ Unlimited U.S. Aerobatic Team]

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