Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan

Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan

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government_type = Canadian First Nation (Indian band)
leader_title = Chief
leader_name = Tammy Cook-Searson
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established_date = 1851
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elevation_footnotes =
elevation_m = 377
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elevation_max_m =
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population_as_of = 2005
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population_total = 1,500
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timezone = CST
utc_offset = -6
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latd=55 |latm=19.48 |lats=05 |latNS=N
longd=104 |longm=52.17 |longs=23 |longEW=W
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postal_code = S0J 2P0
area_code = 306
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Stanley Mission is a community in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, founded in 1851 as a settled community.

People have lived in the area for several thousands of years. It is part of the Lac La Ronge First Nation (Indian Band). It is located on the banks of the Churchill River, 80 kilometres north east of the town of La Ronge, 305 km north of Prince Albert.

The community has a population of about 1,500 people. Across the river from the town is the oldest Anglican church in Saskatchewan, Holy Trinity, built between 1854 and 1860.

Amenities and attractions

The community has two stores, a band office, a health office, elementary and high schools, a post-secondary learning centre, a community hall, arena (ice skating and hockey), other services. It is an access point to the northern parts of Lac La Ronge Provincial Park, several tourist fishing camps, and a major recreational canoe route, formerly part of the voyageur trade routes used by the Hudson's Bay Company and Northwest Company. It is the closest road access to Nistowiak Falls, the tallest in Saskatchewan. There are ancient pictograph sites in the vicinity. Otter Rapids at the town of Missinipi is the next community along Highway 102 to the north on the Churchill River (Missinipi is also the Woodland Cree name for the Churchill River).

External links

* [ Stanely Mission (Lac La Ronge Indian Band website]
* [ Holy Trinity Anglican Church information]
* [ Historic aerial photos of Stanley Mission, Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists]

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