Lesotho–United States relations

Lesotho–United States relations

Lesotho-United States relations are bilateral relations between Lesotho and the United States.


The United States was one of the first four countries to establish an embassy in Maseru after Lesotho gained its independence from Great Britain in 1966. Since this time, Lesotho and the United States have consistently maintained warm bilateral relations. In 1996, the United States closed its bilateral aid program in Lesotho. The Southern African regional office of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Gaborone, Botswana now administers most of the U.S. assistance to Lesotho, which totaled approximately $2 million in FY 2004. Total U.S. aid to Lesotho is over $10 million, including humanitarian food assistance. The Peace Corps has operated in Lesotho since 1966. About 100 Peace Corps volunteers concentrate in the sectors of health, agriculture, education, rural community development, and the environment. The Government of Lesotho encourages greater American participation in commercial life and welcomes interest from potential U.S. investors and suppliers. In 2007, the Government of Lesotho signed a compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation to provide $362.5 million in support to develop Lesotho's water sector, healthcare infrastructure, and private sector.

Principal U.S. Officials include:
* Ambassador--Robert B. Nolan
* Deputy Chief of Mission--W. Patrick Murphy
* Management Officer--Craig Anderson
* Consular Officer--Joyce Brooks
* Public Diplomacy, Economic, and Political Officer--Christopher Smith
* General Services Officer--Wendy Kahler
* Information Management Officer--Dwayne Taylor
* Director, Peace Corps--Hilliard Denham

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