Shotest Shogi

Shotest Shogi

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title = Shotest Shogi

caption = Screen shot from Xbox 360 version
developer = AI Factory / Rubicon Development
publisher = AI Factory / Rubicon Development
designer = AI Factory / Rubicon Development
engine = Shotest
version =
released = June 2008 (PC)
July 23, 2008 (Japan) (Xbox 360)
September 10, 2008 (USA) {Xbox 360)
genre = Board game
modes = Single player, Multiplayer (Xbox 360)
ratings =
platforms = PC, Xbox 360 (XBLA)
media =
requirements =
input =

"Shotest Shogi" is a video game for the PC and Xbox Live Arcade developed by AI Factory and Rubicon Development. It is based on the Japanese chess variant Shogi, and provides a 3D environment designed to recreate a traditional Japanese room. The Xbox version will include a tutorial system, and all versions include a 'Western style' piece set option for players who are unfamiliar with Japanese characters.

The game was quietly released on July 23, 2008 for Xbox Live Arcade, but only in Japan. Although the game is playable entirely in English, Chinese, Korean and EMEA languages, there is currently no announced release date for other territories, but this will be in the fall period.

The Japanese unannounced release on 28 July 2008 has seen Shotest Shogi immediately top of the current Japanese Xbox live chart, and still there (as of 08 Aug 2008 - see "Xbox Live Japan" below).

Two PC versions are already on release, one in Japan and one in the UK (see "Shotest Shogi Official Website" below). These do not include the advanced teaching system used by the Xbox version.


* [ Shotest Shogi Official Website]

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* [ Shotest Shogi Official Website]
* [ AI Factory]
* [ Rubicon Development]
* [ Xbox Live Japan]

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