Federal Service for Defence Contracts

Federal Service for Defence Contracts

Federal Service for Defense Contracts of the Russian Federation (short name Rosoboronzakaz) is the governmental office that obeys the Russian Ministry of Defense.

It controls and supervises Russian central and regional executive authorities and officials when they act in the area of contracting services for the needs of the Ministry. [ru icon [http://www.government.ru/government/executivepowerservices/5b20bf2f-fdd2-44cd-980b-66ac946c7a1d.htm Федеральная служба по оборонному заказу] — Russian Government website reference]

It was formed on 11 March, 2003. [ru icon [http://www.fsoz.gov.ru/www/rosoboronzakaz/ Федеральная служба по оборонному заказу (Рособоронзаказ)] — official website information]

ee also

* Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
* Defense industry of Russia
* Military-Industrial Commission of Russia


* http://www.fsoz.gov.ru/ — Rosoboronzakaz official website

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