The Outlying Fells of Lakeland

The Outlying Fells of Lakeland
Beacon Fell, looking across Beacon Tarn.

The Outlying Fells of Lakeland is a book written by Alfred Wainwright, dealing with hills in and around the Lake District of England. It differs from Wainwright's Pictorial Guides in that it describes a series of walks, some of them taking in several summits, rather than devoting a chapter to each fell. This has caused some confusion on the part of authors attempting to prepare a definitive list of peaks. The Outlying Fells do not form part of the 214 hills generally accepted as comprising the Wainwrights, but they are included in Category 2B of the Hill Walkers Register maintained by the Long Distance Walkers Association.

The list at the back of Wainwright's book contains 110 named fells and summits. Close inspection shows seven of them to refer to other hills in the list, while Newton Fell has two summits. Thus:

  • Cartmel Fell is the same as Ravens Barrow (page 42).
  • Hollow Moor is the summit of Green Quarter Fell (page 14).
  • Hooker Crag is the summit of Muncaster fell (page 186).
  • Newton Fell includes Newton Fell (North) and Newton Fell (South) (page 53).
  • Potter Fell is the name given to the hill whose summits are Brunt Knotts and Ulgraves (page 8).
  • Lord's Seat is the summit of Whitbarrow (page 36).
  • Williamson's Monument is the same as High Knott (page 18).
  • Woodland Fell is the name of the moor of which Yew Bank and Wool Knott are high points (page 102).

The addition of the 12 nameless summits brings the number of Wainwright's Outlying Fells to 116. This is 14 more than the 102 hills listed in John M. Turner's New Combined Indexes to A. Wainwright's Pictorial Guides (second edition, Lingdales Press, 1984). Turner's list omits two tops explicitly mentioned in the book (St. John's Hill and Newton Fell South) and the 12 nameless summits, and it contains many inaccuracies. For more up-to-date heights, grid references and other data, see Database of British Hills.

The list below has been arranged in alphabetical order rather than height in order to align as far as possible with the list at the back of Wainwright's book.

  1. Beacon Fell
  2. Bigland Barrow
  3. Black Combe
  4. Blawith Knott
  5. Boat How
  6. Brant Fell
  7. Brunt Knott
  8. Buck Barrow
  9. Burn Moor
  10. Burney
  11. Caermote Hill
  12. Capplebarrow
  13. Carron Crag
  14. Caw
  15. Claife Heights
  16. Clints Crags
  17. Cold Fell
  18. Cunswick Scar
  19. Dent
  20. Dunmallet
  21. Dunnerdale Fells
  22. Faulds Brow
  23. Fewling Stones
  24. Finsthwaite Heights
  25. Flat Fell
  26. Grandsire
  27. Great Ladstones
  28. Great Saddle Crag
  29. Great Stickle
  30. Great Worm Crag
  31. Great Yarlside
  32. Green Pikes
  33. Gummer's How
  34. Hampsfell
  35. Hare Shaw
  36. Harper Hills
  37. Hesk Fell
  38. Heughscar Hill
  39. High House Bank
  40. High Knott
  41. High Light Haw
  42. High Wether Howe
  43. Hollow Moor
  44. Howes
  45. Hugh's Laithes Pike
  46. Hugill Fell
  47. Humphrey Head
  48. Irton Pike
  49. Kinmont Buck Barrow
  50. Knipescar Common
  51. Lamb Pasture
  52. Langhowe Pike
  53. Latterbarrow
  54. Little Yarlside
  55. Long Crag
  56. Lord's Seat (Crookdale)
  57. Low Light Haw
  58. Muncaster Fell - Hooker Crag
  59. Nabs Moor
  60. Newton Fell North
  61. Newton Fell South (Dixon Heights)
  62. Orrest Head
  63. Pikes
  64. Ponsonby Fell
  65. Raven's Barrow (Cartmel Fell)
  66. Reston Scar
  67. Robin Hood
  68. Rough Crag
  69. Scalebarrow Knott
  70. School Knott
  71. Scout Scar
  72. Seat How
  73. Seat Robert
  74. Setmurthy Common
  75. Sleddale Pike
  76. St. John's Hill
  77. Stainton Pike
  78. Staveley Fell
  79. Stickle Pike
  80. Stoupdale Head
  81. Tarn Hill
  82. The Knott
  83. The Knott
  84. The Pike
  85. Todd Fell
  86. Top o'Selside
  87. Tottlebank Height
  88. Ulgraves
  89. Ulthwaite Rigg
  90. Walna Scar
  91. Wasdale Pike
  92. Watch Hill
  93. Water Crag
  94. Whatshaw Common
  95. Whitbarrow (Lord's Seat)
  96. White Combe
  97. White Howe
  98. White Pike
  99. Whiteside Pike
  100. Whitfell
  101. Woodend Height
  102. Wool Knott
  103. Yew Bank
  104. Yoadcastle
  105. nameless (Bannisdale Horseshoe - Ancrow Brow N)
  106. nameless (Bannisdale Horseshoe - Swinklebank Crag)
  107. nameless (Bannisdale Horseshoe - The Forest)
  108. nameless (Green Quarter)
  109. nameless (Naddle Horseshoe - 2)
  110. nameless (Naddle Horseshoe - 3)
  111. nameless (Naddle Horseshoe - Naddle High Forest)
  112. nameless (Potter Fell - 1)
  113. nameless (Potter Fell - 2)
  114. nameless (School Knott)
  115. nameless (Stickle Pike - Raven's Crag)
  116. nameless (Top o'Selside - Brock Barrow)


  • Wainwright, A (1974). The Outlying Fells of Lakeland. 

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