Dream Machine (band)

Dream Machine (band)
Dream Machine
Origin London, England
Genres Psychedelic rock, space rock, ambient, jam band
Years active 2003 - Present
Associated acts Ozric Tentacles, Eat Static and Here & Now
Website Dream Machine Online
Gabriele Tosti (Bass Guitar)
Alex Pym (Guitar)
Jules Adamoli (Piano, Organ, Synth)
Jon Egan (Flutes and Reeds)
Mindflux (Percussions and Synth)
Steve Cassidy (Drums)
Joie Hinton (Synths)
Past members
Seaweed (Synths)
Buzzo (Bass Guitar)
Dan (DJ)
James (Saxophone)
Tom Harris (Saxophone)
Farley Brian (Drums)
Maurizio Rossi (Drums)
Metro (Drums)
Tony D'Amico (Vocals)

Dream Machine are a space rock supergroup, based in London, UK. Dream Machine play music that can be described as psychedelic and ambient rock music, incorporating guitar, synthesizers and woodwind instruments. Dream Machine has accomplished musicians from space rock and psychedelic festival bands such as Ozric Tentacles, Eat Static and Here & Now.



Early years

Dream Machine was formed by Gabriele Tosti (ex Thunderdogs Circus Archaos) who wanted to create a new progressive space rock group in 2002. The group was composed of Gabriele Tosti (bass), Farley Brian (drums), Julian Adamoli (piano and organ), Tom Harris (on saxophone) and Dan (scratch DJ).[1]

The name "Dream Machine" came from a dream that Gabriele Tosti experienced. The first names considered for the group were "The Omenoid" and then "Blue Land of Dreams". This was then shortened to "Land of Dreams" as the first working title. After further consideration "Dream Machine" was chosen as Gabriele felt it was a more progressive title for the fledgling group. The name "Land of Dreams" was reused to describe a musical collaboration with Gabriele Tosti and Gavin Griffiths (ex-guitarist for the Ozric Tentacles) that continues today.[2]

Farley Brian moved on from the group in 2002. Farley was an accomplished designer and VJ featuring at large dance venues. He left to focus on these activities and Dream Machine found a replacement percussionist in the form of the former Ozric Tentacles percussionist Rad.

The first formal public performance of Dream Machine was for a benefit gig for the War Child charity held at the Pullens Centre in Kennington, South London in January 2003. This event was one of a number of events that culminated in the Stop the War protest in Central London in February. The original lineup[3] at this event was Gabriele Tosti on bass, Jules Adamoli on piano and organ, Dan as scratch DJ, James Gilbert on Sax and Rad on drums.

Rad was an established band member by October 2003 playing in gigs at Camberwell and Peckham. Dream Machine then played several gigs at the Grove Tavern in Wimbledon starting December 2003 and at this time was joined by Alex Pym (former guitar player in Damidge). They were also joined on stage by the former Ozric Tentacles members, "Jumping" Jon Egan (on woodwind) and Seaweed (on synths) who added their talent and experience to the lineup. Finally, Tony D'Amico (from Thunderdogs Circus Archaos) provided a guest performance on vocals for this venue.

Dream Machine continued with rehearsing and gigging for several months until Dan left to concentrate on club DJing. Rad's presence as drummer was also sadly short lived - he moved out of London and left the group in April 2004. James also left around this time. Dream Machine were now looking for another percussionist to fill in after Rad's departure. Johnny Morgan from Senser filled in on drums temporarily. Maurizio Rossi, an Italian drummer from Rome joined the band as their new drummer in December 2004.

2006 to the Present Day

By 2006, Jon had formally joined the band as frontman and woodwind player, in a similar role to his two decades with the Ozric Tentacles. Seaweed was also invited to join as a permanent band member, but due to work commitments he was unable to do so.

Joie Hinton (a founding member of Ozric Tentacles, one half of Eat Static and member of Here & Now) also joined the band at this point to contribute his inimitable style of space rock keyboard playing.

The band played various gigs in 2006, including festival dates at Sunrise Solstice Celebration and Eastern Haze. At these festivals they were joined on stage by Mindflux. Following these performances, he was invited to join the band as a full member and now adds synth and percussion as his contribution to the band.

Following the Eastern Haze festival, Maurizio decided to pursue a different musical path and stepped down by mutual agreement with Dream Machine. Metro (another former Ozric Tentacles percussionist) then took over as drummer. Unfortunately Metro had to move away from London and with other obligations he had with another band, he was unable to continue as percussionist although he did guest on two tracks on the second Dream Machine album - 'The Castle Of A Thousand Universes' (2008).

In 2007, Steve Cassidy (formerly of Here & Now) was introduced as the band's new drummer, and debuted with Dream Machine at the 2007 Sunrise, Eastern Haze and Waveform 2007 festivals.

In early 2008 Joie Hinton retired from Eat Static and Dream Machine, although he still plays with Hear & Now.

Reviews of Dream Machine performances for the 2007 festival season have been positive. Reviews from the eFestivals website praise Jon's performance at the Waveform festival - "..Jon's astonishing flute work, sorely missed from the latest incarnations of former band the Ozric Tentacles, was a delight for the aurals..".[4] The review of the 2007 Sunrise Festival included - "..excellent musicians in great form..".[5] They are also mentioned in the Eastern Haze review on eFestivals.co.uk.[6]

The review of the 2006 Sunrise Festival on this site also said - "The most innovative and original space/fusion rock band around at the moment.".[7]

Dream Machine continue to play frequent live performances and released their second album - 'The Castle Of A Thousand Universes' in August 2008.[8]

Dream Machine played the mainstage of the 2008 Wickerman Festival in Scotland, on the evening of Saturday 26 June 2008.[9]

In 2009 Dream Machine headlined the Cosmic Puffin Festival.[10] and also the Thimbleberry Festival, County Durham on September 25.

In February 2010 Dream Machine played the Psychedelic Carnival with Eat Static at Milan's LeonCavallo venue. In early 2011 Theo Buckingham took over from Steve Cassidy on drums and in July 2011 Dream Machine headlined with Oresund Space Collective at the Occultrance Festival in Belgium. Kyle Martin (Bubbles/synths) also joined the band in 2011.

Musical Influences

Alex Pym's guitar style for Dream Machine was influenced by Steve Hillage (Gong / System 7), Jimi Hendrix, Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Angus Young (AC/DC), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Carlos Santana and Jeff Beck.

Gabriele Tosti (Bass Guitar) - John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Chris Squire (Yes), Steve Hillage (Gong / System 7)

Julian (Jules) Adamoli (Keyboards)- Jimmy Smith, Miquette Giraudy, Keith Emerson, Eumir Deodato

Jon Egan (woodwind) - Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Mindflux (percussion/synthesiser) - Eat Static, Prince, Pink Floyd

Steve Cassidy (drums) - Billy Cobham

Band members

The current band line up is:

  • Gabriele Tosti (Bass Guitar)
  • Alex Pym (Guitar)
  • Jules Adamoli (Piano, Organ and Synth)
  • Jon Egan (Flutes and Reeds)
  • Mindflux (Percussions and Synth)
  • Theo Buckingham (Drums)
  • Kyle Martin (Bubbles/synths)



Trilogia (2005)

Dream Machine Trilogia live gig at Bush Hall, 2005.

Trilogia is Dream Machine's debut album recorded over the Summer of 2005. This album was recorded at Husky's Studios and was developed from the material the band had been playing live. The original recording featured Gabriele, Alex, Jules and Maurizio. Jon Egan and Seaweed recorded their parts later and this complete recording was mixed by producer Stuart McLean into the finished album.

The album was launched on November 27, 2005 with a live gig at Bush Hall, London and featuring a psychedelic lightshow by Fruit Salad. This concert was filmed professionally and has been released as a live performance DVD.

Trilogia has received a very positive 7 out of 10 review in Classic Rock Magazine (February 2006). Trilogia has also received rave reviews from Progressive Rock internet sites.[11][12][13]

Trilogia was also described as "Warm... organic... classic..." in Organ Zine (Dec/Jan 2006 issue).

The CD has recently had a limited re-release and has been well received by those who missed out on the original pressing in 2005 .

Track listing
  1. "Invisible Maze" – 17:27
  2. "Macchina Dread" – 16:46
  3. "Logia Dei Sogni" – 29:08

The track "Logia Dei Sogni" has three parts:

  1. "Scoiattolo Volante" (The Flying Squirrel)
  2. "Above & Below"
  3. "Flying Carpet"
Album credits
  • Seaweed on synths
  • Champignon on kavals, nay, duduk and concert flute
  • Gabriele Tosti on bass
  • Maurizio Rossi on drums
  • Julian Adamoli on keyboards
  • Alex Pym on guitar

The Castle Of A Thousand Universes (2008)

Dream Machine's second album was released on Friday 1 August. The album was performed live for the first time on the mainstage of The Wickerman Festival in Scotland a week before its release on Saturday 26 July 2008.

Track listing
  1. "Gate" - 1.05
  2. "Vasta Wazza" - 8.19
  3. "DubDub" - 4.29
  4. "Happy Dragon" - 6.35
  5. "Vanishing Point" - 8.19
  6. "Sugar Glider" - 6.26
  7. "Mantra" - 7.42
  8. "The Castle Of A Thousand Universes" - 5.23
Album credits
  • Gabriele Tosti on Bass, Classical Guitar and Synths
  • John 'Champignon' Egan on Silver Flute, Ney, Tamboura etc...
  • Julian Adamoli on Piano, Organ and Synths
  • Steve Cassidy on Drums
  • Mark 'Mindflux' Fletcher on Percussion and Synths
  • Alex Pym on Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Produced by Stuart McLean

Engineered and mixed by Gavin Griffiths and Stuart McLean

Special Guests:

  • Gavin Griffiths on Electric Guitar for solos on 'The Castle Of A Thousand Universes'
  • Matt 'Metro Shmigelsky' on Drums on 'Vasta Wazza' and 'The Castle Of A Thousand Universes'

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  • [1] Official Dream Machine Website
  • Dream Machine Forum
  • [2] Dream Machine MySpace site

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