Quizilla is a user generated online quiz website. It originally started as a website for quizzes, such as personality quizzes. Many users were posting "quizzes" that were actually chapters of fan fiction, so a legitimate section for stories was added even though it is not always used. In 2005 and 2006, the website underwent multiple major changes and additions, including a section for poems and lyrics. On October 16, 2006, Viacom's MTV Networks announced it had bought Quizilla for an undisclosed sum of money.cite news|url=http://www.forbes.com/markets/feeds/afx/2006/10/16/afx3093990.html|title=Viacom's MTV buys teen online community website quizilla.com|publisher=Forbes|date=2006-10-16|accessdate=2006-10-16] . The website now states it is a part of The N Network.


* The site was created on August 4, 2002.
* In late July 2005, the site got a new design with a red background. (It originally had a blue-and-white design.)
* A game page was added, which included puzzles and a Napoleon Dynamite-themed hangman game.
* In October 2005, many new features under request were added such as poems, Zillapedia, an astrology section, and much more.
* In December 2005, a "tag" feature was added and feature that allowed users to label content.
* In January 2006, "themes," sets of fonts, backgrounds, etc., could be applied to content. This is similar to the popular MySpace layout at that time.
* Polls could be made, starting in February 2006.
* In April 2006, message boards were added after numerous requests.
* In August 2006, new story and poem editors were made available. Also, new sections were added for lyrics and "scored quizzes."
* In October 2006, the site was bought by Viacom's MTV Networks.
*In December 2007, the site announced the site layout and content would be changed.
*In early May 2008, the site completely changed the site layout and content, as promised in December the prior year.
*MTV bought quizilla, controlling most of the site, and changed many of the rules.


Quizzes, stories, and poems

Quizzes, stories, and poems used to be created by registered users on an editor called "Quizard", but since the layout change, a more confusing editor has been created and you can no longer use the Quizard.

There used to be no word limit to quizzes, and lemons were allowed. Unfortunately due to the new changes made by MTV they now have a word limit, no rating system (everything must be rated PG13, with little to no cussing), and no lemons allowed. The new system is much more censored, causing more and more people to leave.

People who take quizzes, stories, and poems can rate them a number from 1 (bad) to 5 (good). There is a "Highest Rated" list for content with extremely positive ratings. There is also a "Most Popular" list for the most frequently taken content.

Quizzes, stories and poems can be put into folders. They are named after the story/poem/quiz name, so the reader will find it more convenient; As it is easier to find what they want.

Quizzes, stories and poems are not to be used for Chain Mail. It is in a red note at 'Quizard', that their account would be banned.


Blogging can be done by registered users. In Quizilla Journals, entries written can have emoticons to enhance them. There are also privacy settings to control who may read or post comments on the entries.


Polls created by Quizilla users used to be able to have up to 20 questions with up to 10 results each. Now, after the updates, polls can only have one question. Polls are used to gather the opinion of a large group of people.


For stories, many authors request banners. Sometimes, readers will send an author a banner randomly.If not, the Banner would be made by the author personally. Banners can still be used for stories but it is a lot more complicated to insert it in.


Various games exist on Quizilla: ((Most of these have been removed))

Puzzled PopStar

Games with puzzles of music artists have been available to play. When completed, the puzzles reveal clips from music videos. Current puzzles are of:
* Beyoncé
* My Chemical Romance
* Kelly Clarkson
* Mariah Carey
* Shakira

Magic 8 Ball

This game has a space to type a question, to which an answer is randomly selected. Custom magic 8 ball games can also be made.The magic 8 ball provides random information on your questions although it cannot hear them it can always provide you with an answer!

Puzzled Photo

A jigsaw puzzle can be created using an uploaded image.

Let Them Sing it for You

Sound bites from music artists are played to correspond with typed words.

weet Hangman

Hangman games can be played, using phrases related to Napoleon Dynamite. Custom hangman games can also be created.

Past games

Games that were available in the past, but can no longer be played, include:
* various Puzzled PopStar games, including Pussycat Dolls
* Whack-A-Duff, a game resembling Whac-A-Mole in which Hilary Duff and her sister were hit (This game temporarily showed up on the game page as "What A Duff".) This was also an insult to the many fans of Lizzie McGuire and Hilary Duff and that game had to be taken off.


Quizilla's message boards, introduced due to popular request, act as a community for Quizilla users. There are different sections, like anime, books, and movies, to discuss different topics. There have been many changes to the forum since its launch in April 2006, most noticeably in the types of content permitted on the forums, when a series of controversial threads called for a rapid increase in monitoring and rule enforcement.


The "Stargazing" page has horoscopes for each astrological sign. Registered users also have the option to display their starsign.


Users must assign labels to the content they create. The most popular tags are displayed for convenience when browsing.


Themes were removed after the new change.


Zillapedia was a section of Quizilla that used wiki software. Users were able to create entries that provide information, define words, or serve humorous purposes. Zillapedia closely resembled the Urban Dictionary in many ways, and it had similar functions to Wikipedia. Unfortunately, it has been deleted from Quizilla.


The Quizilla Shop section allows people to customize clothing, accessories, and gifts by choosing design details, such as color and graphics.



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