Danish Australian

Danish Australian
Danish Australian
Total population
8,963(Denmark-born, 2006)
50,413 (Danish ancestry, 2006)
Regions with significant populations
Urban Areas

Australian English, Danish, Languages of Denmark


Protestant, Roman Catholic

Related ethnic groups

Danish, Danish American, Danish Canadians, Dutch, Dutch Australian, Dutch American

A Danish-Australian is an inhabitant of Australia with full or partial Danish ancestry, the majority of these people were part of the Danish diaspora. At the 2006 Census 8,963 Australian residents declared they were born in Denmark.[1] In addition 50,413 Australian residents claimed Danish ancestry, either singuarly or with another ancestry.[2]

History of immigration from Denmark to Australia

There was some Danish immigration at the time of the Australian gold rushes. It was estimated that there were 1,000 Danes on the Victorian goldfields.[3] Danish immigrants had a significant effect on the Australian dairy industry from the 1880s, in particular establishing and managing butter factories.[3]

There was little emigration from Denmark to Australia in the first half of the twentieth century: in 1901 Australia had a population of 6,281 people who had been born in Denmark; in 1947 that number was 2,759. At both counts, the population was approximately 75% male. Danish men married women of other elasticities in Australia which made it harder for the community to maintain its identity.[3]

Danish citizens were within the scope of Australia's Post war immigration scheme. From a population of 2,954 Danish Australians in 1954, there were 7,911 Danes living in Australia in 1981. Masculinity ratios were healthier with 58% of these being males.[3]

Notable Danish Australians

Name Birth and Death Occupation Notes
Joh Bjelke-Petersen 1911–2005 Former Queensland Premier New Zealand-born of Danish descent
Carl Adolf Feilberg 1844–1887 Journalist, commentator, human rights activist Danish-born
Jørgen Jensen 1891–1922 Businessman and soldier Danish-born Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross
Jørgen Jørgensen 1780–1841 Sailor and Adventurer Danish-born
Charles Rosenthal 1875–1954 A Major General of the Australian Army Danish father, Swedish mother
Kerryn Phelps 1957- Doctor Of Danish, English, Icelandic and Swedish descent
Marie Bjelke Petersen 1874–1969 Novelist Danish-born
Candy Devine Broadcaster Of Danish, Spanish, Scottish, Sri Lankan, Filipino, Polynesian and West Indian descent
Mary Hansen 1966–2002 Guitarist and Singer Of Danish and Norwegian descent
Don Hany 1975- Actor Danish-Hungarian mother, Iraqi father
Dennis Olsen 1938- Singer and Actor
Lawrence Springborg 1968- Politician Of Danish and German descent


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