Main Thing

Main Thing
"Main Thing"
Single by Robyn
from the album My Truth
Released October 29, 1999[1] (Promo), 2000 (Official)
Format CD single
Recorded 1998
Genre Pop, Soul
Length 4:42 (album version)
Label BMG
Writer(s) Robyn, L. Vega, K. Gonzalez, R. Williams
Producer Masters at Work
Robyn singles chronology
"My Only Reason"
"Main Thing"
"Keep This Fire Burning"

"Main Thing" is a song co-written and produced by "Little Louie" Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales for Swedish Pop singer-songwriter Robyn's second album My Truth. The song was released in 2000 and served as the album's fourth and final single.

"Main Thing" was released as a radio-only single, and no music video was made for the song. Due to lacking promotion, the song caught little attention, and the single failed to chart.

"Main Thing" should not be confused with "Good Thang", which is another song performed by Robyn that she co-wrote and produced with Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzales (Masters At Work). While the two songs share similar titles, they are completely different and separate songs. "Good Thang" was only released on promotional 12" singles and was never a full single release. "Main Thing" is included on Robyn's album "My Truth" and was also released officially as a single from that album.


The following people contributed to "Main Thing":

  • Lead vocals by Robyn
  • Produced by "Little Louie" Vega and Kenny 'Dope' Gonzales
  • Mixed by Dave Darlington and Steven Barkan
  • Recording Engineers: Steven Barkan and Dave Darlington
  • Background Vocals: Robyn, Sara Devine, Stephen Simmonds and Katreese Barnes
  • Bass: Gene Perez
  • Congas and Percussion: Luisito Quintero
  • Guitar: Mike Ciro
  • Keyboards: James Poyser
  • Assistant Engineer: Oscar Ramirez


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