Kandy (disambiguation)

Kandy (disambiguation)

Kandy may refer to:

*Kandy, a city in the centre of Sri Lanka
*Kandy District, Sri Lanka
*Nayaks of Kandy ,the last ruling Dynasty of Kandy,Sri Lanka
*Kandi, a city in Benin, Africa
*Hed Kandi, the electronic music record label
*Candy, the type of confectionery or jewelry
* Kandy also spelled "Candee", "Kandi", "Candy" or "Candi" are bright plastic beads worn by ravers known as Candy ravers
*Heraklion, the capital of Crete, was at certain periods in history known as Kandiye or Kandia
* The KDE mobile phone application Kandy

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* Candi (disambiguation)
* Candy (disambiguation)
* Kandi (disambiguation)

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