Louisiana Highway 3089

Louisiana Highway 3089

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Louisiana Highway 3089 (LA 3089) is a state highway in Louisiana that serves Ascension Parish. It spans 2.78 miles in a west to east direction and is known in Donaldsonville as Albert Street and Marchand Drive.

Route description

From the west, LA 3089 begins at a junction with LA 1 and LA 18 in Donaldsonville. Immediately after passing Bayou Lafourche, it meets LA 308 and LA 945. Just after leaving the city limits, LA 3089 ends at an antiquated interchange with LA 70.

LA 3089 provides a shorter and faster route for traffic travelling between LA 1/LA 308 (and points along Bayou Lafourche) and the Sunshine Bridge (via LA 70) and New Orleans (via LA 3127, just south of the terminus at LA 70). It is four lanes for its entirety, and is divided upon leaving the city limits.

Junction list


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