Quam Limited

Quam Limited

Infobox Company
company_name = Quam Limited
company_type = Listed company
genre =
foundation = 1996
founder =
location_city = flagicon|Hong Kong Hong Kong
location_country = China
location =
origins =
key_people = Chairman: Mr. Bernard Pouliot
area_served = Hong Kong
industry = Securities
products =
services =
revenue =
operating_income =
net_income =
num_employees =
divisions =
subsid =
owner =
company_slogan =
homepage = [http://www.quamlimited.com/ Quam Limited]

Quam Limited (hkex|0952), previously known as Wah Fu International Holdings Limited (zh-t|t=華富國際控股有限公司), is a securities firm in Hong Kong, China. It was established in 1996 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1997. [ [http://www.quamir.com/quamir/openfiledetail.action?articleId=263302 QUAM LIMITED 華富國際控股有限公司] ]

It is engaged in securities and futures dealing, margin financing and money lending, financial advisory and fund management services, credit information services and securities trading. It is also famous for providing online financial advisory, brokerage and wealth management services through [http://www.quamnet.com/ Quamnet.com] . [ [http://www.aastocks.com/eng/fundamental/profile.asp?symbol=00952 Profile of Quam Limited] ] [ [http://www.aastocks.com/eng/fundamental/profile.asp?symbol=00952 Profile of Quam Limited] ]


* [http://www.quamlimited.com/ Quam Limited]
* [http://www.quamnet.com/ Quam Finance Online]


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