The Power of the Daleks

The Power of the Daleks

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*Working titles for this story included "The Destiny of Doctor Who" and "Servants of Masters".
*Anneke Wills was on holiday and therefore absent from episode four. Similarly, Michael Craze was absent for episode five.
* Bernard Archard returned to "Doctor Who" in 1975, playing Marcus Scarman in "Pyramids of Mars".

Missing episodes

All six episodes were wiped from the BBC's archives in the early 1970s. A number of clips survive in various other programmes, mainly focusing upon the Dalek. In addition some footage filmed off-air with a cine camera exists, showing brief moments of the new Doctor's first moves in the TARDIS.

Commercial releases

The audio soundtrack survives; the BBC has given it three commercial releases: first, on cassette release with narration by Tom Baker; second, on CD with narration by Anneke Wills; third, on MP3-CD for the 'Doctor Who: Reconstructed' range, again narrated by Anneke Wills. This release also includes a bonus slideshow for PC users, merging the soundtrack with John Cura's Tele-snaps. See List of Doctor Who audio releases.

The Anneke Wills-narrated soundtrack was also released in a collector's tin called "Doctor Who: Daleks", along with the soundtrack to "The Evil of the Daleks" and a bonus disc featuring "My Life as a Dalek", a story presented by Mark Gatiss discussing the history of the Daleks.

In 2004, all known surviving clips were released on the "Lost in Time" DVD. Following the DVD's release, two further short clips — along with a higher-quality version of one of the extant scenes — were discovered in a 1966 episode of the BBC science series "Tomorrow's World". The clips only came to light on September 11 2005, when the relevant section was broadcast as part of an edition of the clip-based nostalgia show "Sunday Past Times" on BBC Two. These clips were subsequently included in the documentary "The Dalek Tapes", on the "Genesis of the Daleks" DVD release.

In print

A novelisation of this serial, written by John Peel, was published by Virgin Books in July 1993. Although still published under the Target Books banner, this was the first novelisation to be published under the new format introduced by Virgin for the Virgin New Adventures/Virgin Missing Adventures series. The most notable difference is the increased page count.


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Target novelisation

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