Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen (born 1980) is a Vietnamese-Canadian film director, and producer. He is the founder of and a community activist and journalist.


Paul Nguyen graduated from York University's film program in 2004. After graduating, he created the Community Website; the site grew quickly and became well known after Nguyen released the Asian gangster rap video "You Got Beef?", which he also directed. The music video starred Vietnamese-Canadian rapper Chuckie Akenz, and achieved notoriety for its violent imagery and portrayal of Asian gang culture.

Nguyen has received numerous awards and commendations for his community work from the Toronto Police Service, former Prime Minister of Canada Joe Clark, and the Canadian Minister of Multiculturalism, Hedy Fry. In March 1999, Paul Nguyen was among the Top Ten National winners across Canada for Much Music's Stop Racism Video Competition. His commercial was broadcast on Much Music.

Nguyen is known for his on-screen fighting and choreography. He holds a black belt in WTF taekwondo, and has studied under Master Dezilva. He is also known for directing the popular cult classicFact|date=February 2007, "Zombie Killers" (2000), and directed the short action thriller, "Birth Control" (2004).

Most recently, Nguyen co-produced the controversial documentary film "Lost in the Struggle" in association with CBC's flagship investigative news program The Fifth Estate.

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"If Justice Fails (2007) TV episode"
"Lost in the Struggle (2006) TV episode"
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Director, writer, producer

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