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Name = Trusty

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Background = group_or_band
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Origin = Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Instrument =
Genre = Punk
Years_active = 1989–1998
Label = Dischord
Max Recordings
Soma Records
Truant Records
DC-Jam Records
Associated_acts =
Current_members = Bobby Matthews - Guitar, Vocals
James Brady - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Bowling - Bass
Bircho - Drums
Past_members =

Trusty was a punk band that formed in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1989. The band moved from Little rock to Washington, DC in 1992. They disbanded in early 1998.


The Little Rock Years

In 1989, the original Trusty line-up released the "A Name to Depend On" 7" on Soma Records. They followed this up with their self-titled first LP on Truant Records out of Memphis, TN. Truant pressed only 1,000 copies of the record, but it was re-released on CD with bonus tracks on Truant as "The Paul Years - A Trusty Retrospective". In the Spring of 1992, the band recorded their "Cockatoo" 7" with Josh Bentley (of The Big Cats and Substance) on bass, before relocating to the Washington D.C. area.

In 1994 and again in 1999, the original four members of Trusty reunited and played shows in their hometown of Little Rock AR. This lineup (Bobby Matthews, James Brady, Bircho, and Paul Bowling) reformed in 2004 for work on an as yet unreleased CD on Max Recordings.

The D.C. Years

Between 1992 and 1996 Trusty worked to gain respect and recognition from the established D.C. punk rock scene. In the Summer of 1992 Trusty (now residing in Washington D.C.) recorded the "Kathy's Keen" 7", on De Soto Records with their original drummer Bircho. In the Fall of 1992 with new bassist Brad Long (formerly of the Memphis hardcore band Sobering Consequences) and steady drummer Jim Schaffer (formerly of Washington D.C. based band Senator Flux)Trusty continued touring and writing songs for their upcoming full length CD Goodbye Dr. Fate as well as several Compilation CDs. Goodbye Dr. Fate was completed in the Winter of 1994 and released in the Spring of 1995. After extensive touring, Trusty released another full length CD in 1996 named The Fourth Wise Man also on Dischord Records and continued to tour within North America & Europe.Four years after their move from Little Rock, Trusty became the first band not originally from Washington, D.C. to be signed by Dischord Records. In early 1998 Trusty disbanded. Bobby Matthews now sings and plays guitar in the Memphis-based band Dragoon, along with former Grifters members Tripp Lamkins and Stan Gallimore.

Coming Full Circle

In 2008 Trusty signed with Record Label DC-Jam Records to re-release their first songs ever recorded. The CD is appropriately titled "DEMO".


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