Predrag Bambic

Predrag Bambic

Predrag Bambić is an award nominated Serbian film and television cinematographer and producer born August 7 1958 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. [ Bambić biography at] ] [] , Predrag Bambić bio brief


From 1977 through 1981, Bambić studied at the University of Arts in Belgrade in the Film and TV Camera department of the Faculty of Drama Arts, earning his Bachelors degree.


From 1981 through 1988 Bambić worked at TV Belgrade filming the pop-culture related serials "Pop Express" and "Rock’n’Rolller", and also filming over 2,000 information, documentary, and music programs.

In 1986 he joined the Yugoslav Army Marines, and from 1989 through 1993 worked for the Yugoslav Army’s film production company Zastava film where he specialized in filming training films for Yugoslav Air Force. He also documented the genesis of the violent disintegration of Yugoslavia, covering all the major events related to the development of the wars in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, much of which was seen on the BBC documentary serial "Death of Yugoslavia".

From 1992 through 1994, Bambić filmed many news stories and documentaries on the war in Bosnia and Croatia for: BBC, CNN, CBS, SKY News, and ABC, among others. From 1995 through 1996 he worked for Reuters TV agency, covering all the major news stories and events in the SouthEast Europe, including the wars in Croatia and Bosnia. From 1996 through 200 he worked for CNN International on many assignments, reports, and documentaries about all the {then) tumultuous events in the Balkans.

In both 1999and 2000 Bambić was nominated for the Rory Peck Trust "Hard News Award" for his work with CNN. [ [ Rory Peck Trust 1999] ] [ [ Rory Peck Trust 2000] ]

2002 he became the co-founder and manager of the Montage film and TV production company, one of the first, truly independent, film production companies in Serbia. Montage was established in 1998., "with a primary purpose to produce films of director Milutin Petrovic and director of photography Predrag Bambić". [ [ website] ]

He is the author of many well-known pictures of the wars in the Balkans.


As a Director of photography: [ [ partial cinematographer list at IMDb] ] :2008: "Hans & Greatje", feature film:2007: "Willow's story", feature film:2007: "Agi i Emma", feature film:2005: "Jug jugoistok" (aka South by Southeast), feature film:2005: "Balkanski rulet" (aka Balkan Roulette), feature film:2004: "Sokratova odbrana i smrt" (aka Socrates' defence and death), TV documentary:2004: "Japan today", TV documentary serial:2001: "Bez grada i bez zakona", feature film:2000: "Zemlja istine, ljubavi i slobode" (aka Land of Truth, Love and Freedom), feature film:1999: "Yugoslavia, avoidable war", TV documentary film:1996: "Het Misferstand" (aka Misunderstanding), TV documentary:1994: "Japan, road to Future", TV documentary serial:1992: "Velika frka" (aka Big Mess)(aka Велика фрка (Yugoslavia: Serbian title)), feature film:1990: "Cudna noc " (aka Odd Night), feature film:1989: "Fear", short feature film:1988: "Happy New 1989.", short feature film:1988: "Dome, slatki dome" (aka Home, Sweet Home), TV series:1987: "Special Education", short documentary film:1985: "Leibach, Victory Under the Sun", short documentary film:1985: "Springtime has begin", feature TV film:1983: "Titan", short documentary film:1981: "Lagani povratak" (aka Slow Return), feature film::and about thirty other documentaries.

as a producer: [ [ producer list at IMDb] ] :2007: "Agi i Emma",feature film:2005: "Jug jugoistok" (aka "South by Southeast"), feature film:2005: "Balkanski rulet" (aka Balkan Roulette), feature film:2004: "Poljupci" (aka Kisses), feature film:2000: "Zemlja istine, ljubavi i slobode" (aka Land of Truth, Love and Freedom), feature film

as an actor: [ [ acting list at IMDb] ] :2000: "Zemlja istine, ljubavi i slobode" (aka Land of Truth, Love and Freedom), feature film:1981: "Decko koji obecava" (aka Promissing Guy), feature film

as a director::1980: "Unsaddledi", TV documentary


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