Alians (band)

Alians (band)

Alians is a Polish punk-rock, reggae and ska band, founded in 1990 in Pi%C5%82a. Alians' first concert took place on May 19, 1990 in Bydgoszcz, with three founding members: Rafal Kasprzak (guit, voc.), Michal Thiede (bg) and Dariusz Kulak (drums). The band features "punky reggae" - a unique mix of the three kinds of music mentioned above. Apart from usual instruments, such as guitars, bass and drums, its members also use trumpets, accordion, trombone and saxophone. Alians is known for its politically engaged lyrics, inspired by such bands as The Clash and Dead Kennedys and by Anarchism as well as left-wing political movements from Latin America.

Until November of 2007, Alians has played 470 concerts, not only in Poland, but also in several countries of Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, Slovakia, Norway, Lithuania, England), together with such groups as Fugazi, The Ukrainians, No Means No and Chumbawamba. Even though the band is regarded as one of the most popular underground groups in Poland, its popularity is limited, as it is not featured in mainstream mass-media.


* Sami wobec siebie (1990)
* Mega Yoga (1991)
* Gavroche (1994)
* Cala anarchia miesci sie w uliczniku (1996)
* W samo południe (1998)
* Rowne prawa (2000)
* Pelnia (2003)
* Nielegalni (2007)


* Rafal "Kazi" Kasprzak - guitar, voice,
* Tomasz "Korabol" Kulak - accordion,
* Pawel Czaja - drums,
* Jacek "Global" Pioro - bass guitar,
* Rafal "Czajnik" Czajkowski - guitar,
* Marcin "Gwizdek" Gwizdun - trombone,
* Tomasz "Guma" Kumiega - saxophone,
* Grzegorz "Swieca" Oswiecinski - trumpet.


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* [ Listen and watch Alians' song "Ulica" on]

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