Roman Danylovich

Roman Danylovich

Roman Danylovich (b. ca 1230, d. ca 1261), Prince of Black Ruthenia (Navahradak) 1254–1258, Prince of Slonim?.

He was born as a younger son of Danylo of Halych, a powerful prince of lands east from Cracow and later king of those regions, whatever it was called (Ruthenia, Halycia, Volynia).

In 1252 he was married to Gertrude, Duchess of Austria as her third husband. He, in Western Europe, participated in her attempts to get the power in her duchy, under rivalling claimants. However, already next year they ended up in divorce and Roman returned to Ruthenia where he was 1254-58 Prince of Navahradak.


Anna Mstislavna of Novgorod, daughter of Mstislav the Bold (d. before 1252)


Danylo (b. 1201, d. 1264), Prince of Galicia 1211–1213 and 1229–1264, Prince of Volynia 1215–1264, crowned by a papal archbishop in Dorohychyn 1253/1255 as the 1st King of Galicia


*Gertrude, Duchess of Austria (b c 1223 - d. c 1288 or d. 24 April 1299), m. 27 June 1252 (div 1253)
*Elena Glebovna of Volkovysk (b. after 1288), m. ca 1255


*Irakli Danylovich (b. ca 1223, d. by 1240)
*Lev Danylovich (b. ca 1228, d. ca 1301), Prince of Belz 1245–1264, Prince of Halych 1264–1269, King of Galicia 1269–1301; he moved his capital from Halych to the newly-founded city of Lvov/Lwów (Lemberg)
*Mstislav Danylovich (d. after 1300), Prince of Lutsk 1265–1289, Prince of Volynia 1289 - aft 1300
*Švarn the Lightning (Shvarno, Švarnas, Ioann; d. 1269, bur. Chełm), King of Galicia, Grand Duke of Lithuania 1264–1267 (1268–1269?), Prince of Chełm 1264–1269


*Pereyaslava (d. 12 April 1283, m. ca 1248 Prince Siemowit of Masovia
*Ustinia, m. 1250/1251 Prince Andrei II of Vladimir-Suzdal
*Sofia Danylovna, m. 1259 Graf Heinrich V von Schwarzburg-Blankenburg


*Maria Romanovna [1m.] , m. NN, son of baron Stefan of Zagreb


*Vasilko Romanovich (b. ca 1256, d. after 1282) [2m.] , Prince of Slonim; he may (or may not) have been grandfather of Prince Daniel Ostrogski
*Mikhail Romanovich [parentage uncertain] , Prince of Druck; his alleged descendants include Princes Drucki-Lubecki, Drutskoy-Sokolinsky, Babichev, and Putyatin

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