The Abominable Snowmen

The Abominable Snowmen

] [cite web
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] [cite web
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] Apart from Episode 2, this story is considered lost.

The Abominable Snowmen proved to be very popular with viewers, which pleased the producers enough that they brought the monsters back very quickly in "The Web of Fear", and intending a third story in the next season until falling out with the production over "The Dominators". This was partly an effort to provide a new 'signature enemy' for the series to replace the Daleks. At the time of production, Dalek creator Terry Nation was trying to create an American television show based around the Daleks, and as a result refused to grant the show permission to use the Daleks during this period.

The North Wales mountain pass at Nant Ffrancon doubled as Tibet for the filming of this serial. [cite web|url=|title=Doctor Who Locations]


* The character of Professor Travers is played by Jack Watling, the father of actress Deborah Watling, who plays Victoria.
* Rapalchan is played by David Baron, often said to be the playwright Harold Pinter under a stage name. Pinter has since denied this rumour. David Baron was indeed Pinter's name for the purposes of Equity, the British actors' union, but he had relinquished it by the time this serial was produced.

title=Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen
series=Target novelisations

writer=Terrance Dicks
publisher=Target Books
coverartist=Chris Achilleos
isbn=ISBN 0 426 10583 4
date=21 November 1974
preceding=Doctor Who and the Sea-Devils
following=Doctor Who and the Curse of Peladon|

Commercial releases

In 1991, Episode 2 was released on VHS as part of "The Troughton Years". In 2004, that episode, along with a handful of clips gathered from other sources, were digitally restored and released on the "Lost in Time: Collection of Rare Episodes" DVD.

All known copies of Episode 2, including audio recordings made by fans during the original broadcast in 1967, contain a brief audio dropout late in the episode. The Doctor is examining a captured Yeti and is supposed to say "You were right about one thing Victoria — this creature certainly doesn't seem to be flesh and blood!" In what appears to have been a fault with the master videotape recording, the sound cuts in with "...toria..." The original VHS release of the episode saw the soundtrack manipulated to cover the dropout (and avoid customer complaints that the tape was faulty), whilst maintaining the running time of the episode. The DVD release contains a "patchwork repair" of the fault, performed by Mark Ayres of the Doctor Who Restoration Team, using the appropriate words spoken by Troughton with the correct vocal inflections, taken from other Second Doctor episodes.

The audio soundtrack, along with additional linking narration by Frazer Hines, has been released on MP3 CD, along with The Web of Fear [Cite web| url= |title=Abominable Snowman Audio] . A collection box entitled "Yeti Attack" contains both Yeti adventures on normal CD [Cite web|url= |title=Attack Radio Collection]

In print

A novelisation of this serial, written by Terrance Dicks, was published by Target Books in November 1974. It was the first story of the Second Doctor's era to be so adapted (it would take another twenty years before all serials from Troughton's tenure were novelised). There have been French, Portuguese and Turkish editions. When Target Books began numbering its releases in the late 1970s, it chose to do so alphabetically rather than based upon publication or broadcast order. As a result, the novelisation of "The Abominable Snowmen" was identified as book number 1.


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