Fate (1996 game)

Fate (1996 game)

Infobox VG| title = Fate (DogBone Software)

developer = DogBone Software
publisher = Intracorp Entertainment
engine= Build engine
released = Never released. Demo was released
genre = First-person shooter
modes = Single player
platforms = MS-DOS

Fate is a game which was in development in 1996. It was being developed by DogBone Software. However, Intracorp went bankrupt before the game could be completed. Only a demo with four playable levels was released.


The beginning of the game takes place on Pymandros. You have been captured by the Lesyrgian Troops who have come to your planet to regain the All-Father. They are keeping you in a guarded area of the temple for interrogation. You can escape by breaking down the door or you can move a barrel to jump into an air duct. (taken from the readme file that came with the demo)


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