Blundell may refer to:

People with the given name Blundell:

* Peter Blundell Jones (21st century), British architect, historian, academic and critic
* Sir John Blundell Maple, 1st Baronet (1845-1903), English business magnate
* William Blundell Spence (1814-1900), English artist and art dealer

People with the surname Blundell:

* Denis Blundell (1907-1984), Governor-General of New Zealand
* Graeme Blundell (born 1945), actor, director, producer, writer and biographer
* Gregg Blundell (born 1977), English footballer
* James Blundell (physician) (1791-1878), British obstetrician
* James Blundell (singer) (born 1964), Australian country music singer
* Jenny Blundell (21st century), writer for Vogue magazine
* John Blundell (actor) (21st century), British actor
* John Blundell (economist) (born 1952), Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs
* Mark Blundell (born 1966), former Formula One, sports car, and CART racing driver
* Peter Blundell (circa 1520-1601), prosperous clothier
* Reginald Blundell (20th century), Australian politician
* Richard Blundell (born 1952), British economist
* Stephen Blundell (21st century), experimental physicist
* Tom Blundell (born 1942), British biologist
* William Blundell (born 1947), Australian painter and art forger
* William R. C. Blundell (born 1927), Canadian businessman

ee also

* Blundell Park
* Ince Blundell
* Viscount Blundell

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