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Drive By

Drive By is a New Jersey based music group that has been touring nationally and internationally since 2004 after the release of their debut album I Hate Every Day Without You Kid... After three years of touring in support of the album, they released a new record, title A Delicate Situation, on April 8, 2008. Delicate Situation reached #26 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.[1] Lead Singer/Guitar player Todd Price has covered for Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance on several tours.[2] The band is signed to Riot Squad Records and Riot Squad Management, a management company that also works with My Chemical Romance, Circa Survive, Endless Hallway and Fever Club.[3]

Drive By has been covered in notable press formats such as Spin magazine, and opened for My Chemical Romance and Billy Talent on My Chemical Romance's 2008 North American Tour.[4] The group split in the middle of 2010.



  • Todd Price - vocals/guitar
  • Daniel Fitzgerald - guitar
  • Jaeson Hertzberg - drums
  • Chris Perino - bass


"I Hate Everyday Without You Kid..." (released in May 2006)
1.'re Not Alone - 2:42
2. Maybe Someday - 2:55
3. Black Triangles - 3:14
4. Promise - 3:25
5. Accidents - 2:53
6. Rotting on the Vine - 1:49
7. The Hand That Cuts - 4:07
8. Spending Time Alone - 3:25
9. Wide Awake - 2:10
10. Why are you Following Me? - 2:33
11. Goodbyes - 3:49

"A Delicate Situation" (released April 8, 2008)
1. Thank You
2. The Day That You Decide
3. Catacombs
4. Please, Please
5. Where Did I Go? (Part of the Team)
6. Boring
7. One Thing
8. Dear Mom & Dad,
9. It's The Same
10. America (chasing ghosts)
11. I Am A Refugee[5]


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