Rosey and The Hurricane

Rosey and The Hurricane

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caption=Hurricane (left) and Rosey holding Super Stacy
members=The Hurricane
Super Stacy "(valet)"
names=The Super Heroes
The Hurricane and Rosey / Rosey and The Hurricane
heights=6 ft 5 in (196 cm) - Rosey
6 ft 0 in (183 cm) - Hurricane
weights=580 lb (271 kg)

Rosey and The Hurricane (a.k.a. The Super Heroes) were a babyface tag team with the gimmick of superheroes that were based on World Wrestling Entertainment's "RAW" brand.


Shortly after Rosey's old tag team partner Jamal was released from WWE in 2003, Hurricane "discovered" Rosey's potential as a superhero, and christened him Rosey, the Super Hero in Training (or the S.H.I.T.). Throughout this time, Rosey came to the ring clad in makeshift superhero costumes, with each clearly depicting the S.H.I.T. reference on the front. On the July 19 2004 episode of "RAW", Rosey appeared with a new costume, seemingly graduated to a full superhero and began tag teaming with his mentor.

At 2005's Backlash, Hurricane and Rosey finally won the Tag Titles in a Tag Team Turmoil Match by defeating La Resistance with the Superhero Splash. [citeweb|url=|accessdate=2008-08-30|date=2005-04-27|title=Backlash 2005 Results|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment]

While on "RAW", Stacy Keibler joined forces with Hurricane and Rosey, acting as their valet. [cite web|url=|title=RAW - 16 May 2005 Results|publisher=Online World of Wrestling|accessdate=2007-05-10] She accompanied them to the ring wearing a mask and superhero costume of her own, calling herself Super Stacy until she was traded to "SmackDown!" on August 22 2005.cite web|title=SmackDown Results: August 25, 2005|publisher=Online World of Wrestling|url=|accessdate=2007-06-28]

From this point things only went from bad to worse for the team. On September 5 2005, Hurricane and Rosey were defeated by Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, during their debut match on "Monday Night RAW". Though this was a non-title match, the pair earned themselves a title match at "Unforgiven 2005".cite web |url=|title=RAW results - September 5, 2005 |accessdate=2007-04-10|publisher=Online World of Wrestling] During the title match, Murdoch delivered an elevated DDT on The Hurricane to the outside. The DDT caused Hurricane to suffer a "stinger" (in kayfabe) and allowed Cade & Murdoch to beat the injured Hurricane later in the match to win the World Tag Team Titles from the pair. [cite web |url= |title=RAW results - September 19, 2005 |accessdate=2007-04-10 |author=Bruce Mitchell |publisher=PW Torch |quote=Hurricane got a stinger in the match last night.] [citeweb|url=|accessdate=2008-08-30|date=2005-09-18|title=Unforgiven 2005 Results|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment]

The loss of the titles began a sliding path that brought the team to an end, for weeks after the pair would begin a losing streak, mainly caused by Hurricane's injuries. During the October 17 2005 episode of "RAW", The Hurricane was assaulted by Kurt Angle at the request of Vince McMahon, after the beating footage was shown of Hurricane ripping off his mask and striking Rosey (who had come to the ring to his aid). [citeweb|url=|accessdate=2008-08-30|date=2005-10-17|title=Toward Taboo Tuesday|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment] The next week, The Hurricane no showed a World Tag Team Title match leaving Rosey to face the champions alone. During the match, The Hurricane (out of costume) appeared at the top of the entrance ramp, going now by his real name, Gregory Helms watched as Rosey was double teamed and defeated. After the match, Helms announced that he was fed up with being funny for the crowd and that he had been carrying Rosey as a tag team partner. [citeweb|url=|accessdate=2008-08-30|date=2005-10-24|title=Making their case for Taboo Tuesday|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment]

Helms requested a match with Rosey, and defeated him with a Shining Wizard to end their partnership permanently. [citeweb|url=|accessdate=2008-08-30|date=2005-11-07|title=A Chance to Shine|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment] This was one of Matt Anoai's last matches with WWE, as he was released shortly thereafter, while Helms went on to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and go to "SmackDown!", quickly establishing himself outside of The Hurricane identity.cite web|title=History of the Cruiserweight Championship: Gregory Helms' third reign|publisher=WWE|url=|accessdate=2008-06-07] [citeweb|url=|accessdate=2008-08-30|date=2006-01-29|title=Gregory Helms def. Kid Kash, Nunzio, Funaki, Jamie Noble and Paul London to win the Cruiserweight Championship |publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment]

In wrestling

*Finishing and signature tag team moves
**The Hurricane and Rosey
***"Super Hero Splash" (The Hurricane would leap from the shoulders of Rosey and deliver a high-impact splash to the prone victim)
***Sidewalk slam by Rosey followed by an "Eye of the Hurricane" by The Hurricane
***Samoan drop by Rosey followed by a flying neckbreaker by The Hurricane
**The Hurricane's finishing moves
***"Eye of the Hurricane" (Spinning headlock elbow drop)
***Chokeslam - 2002-2003
**Rosey's finishing moves
***"Super Hero Slam" (Swinging side slam)

**Super Stacy

*Theme music
**"Eye Of The Hurricane" (WWE Anthology)

Championships and accomplishments

*World Wrestling Entertainment
**World Tag Team Championship (1 time) [citeweb|url=|accessdate=2008-08-30|date=2005-05-01|title=Hurricane and Rosey first reign|publisher=World Wrestling Entertainment]


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