Beant Singh (assassin)

Beant Singh (assassin)

:"For other people called Beant Singh, see Beant Singh"Beant Singh, son of Suchcha Singh, a resident of Maloa (District Ropar), along with Satwant Singh assassinated Indira Gandhi, the Indian Prime Minister.

On 1 June 1984 on the orders of Indira Gandhi, the Indian Army attacked the armed militants who were in the fortified Harmandir Sahib complex, in an operation called Operation Blue Star. These events caused outrage amongst the Sikh community, which claimed that the attacks were pre-planned and that anti-Sikh violence which followed was government orchestrated. Beant Singh and Satwant Singh were Sikh bodyguards of Indira Gandhi, yet on 31 October 1984 they assassinated her in her garden.

Beant Singh was killed by gunfire at the scene of the assassination. Satwant Singh was arrested and later sentenced to death by hanging, along with Kehar Singh.

Akal Takht's declaration regarding Beant Singh

As per Hindustan Times Jan 07 2008, the highest Sikh temporal seat (Akal Takhat, Amritsar) on Sunday (Jan 06 2008) declared all assassins of former prime minister Indira Gandhi as martyrs of Sikhism.

Beant Singh's wife

After Beant Singh's death, Beant Singh's wife Bimal Kaur Khalsa became a militant and later a member of India's parliament.

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