Conservative extension

Conservative extension

In mathematical logic, a logical theory T2 is a (proof theoretic) conservative extension of a theory T1 if the language of T2 extends the language of T1; every theorem of T1 is a theorem of T2; and any theorem of T2 which is in the language of T1 is already a theorem of T1.

More generally, if Γ is a set of formulas in the common language of T1 and T2, then T2 is Γ-conservative over T1, if every formula from Γ provable in T2 is also provable in T1.

To put it informally, the new theory may possibly be more convenient for proving theorems, but it proves no new theorems about the language of the old theory.

Note that a conservative extension of a consistent theory is consistent. Hence, conservative extensions do not bear the risk of introducing new inconsistencies. This can also be seen as a methodology for writing and structuring large theories: start with a theory, T0, that is known (or assumed) to be consistent, and successively build conservative extensions T1, T2, ... of it.

The theorem provers Isabelle and ACL2 adopt this methodology by providing a language for conservative extensions by definition.

Recently, conservative extensions have been used for defining a notion of module for ontologies: if an ontology is formalized as a logical theory, a subtheory is a module if the whole ontology is a conservative extension of the subtheory.

An extension which is not conservative may be called a proper extension.


Model-theoretic conservative extension

With model-theoretic means, a stronger notion is obtained: T2 is a model-theoretic conservative extension of T1 if every model of T1 can be expanded to a model of T2. It is straightforward to see that each model-theoretic conservative extension also is a (proof-theoretic) conservative extension in the above sense. The model theoretic notion has the advantage over the proof theoretic one that it does not depend so much on the language at hand; on the other hand, it is usually harder to establish model theoretic conservativity.

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