List of British Mark 8 Landing Craft Tank

List of British Mark 8 Landing Craft Tank

This is a list of named Mark 8 Landing Craft operated the Royal Navy.

These Mark 8 Landing Craft were operated by the Royal Navy but appear to have been un-named and decommissioned prior to 1960.

Here is a list of British Army Mark 8 Landing Craft operated by the RASC/RCT 1945-1979

{| class="wikitable"
-! header 1 align=center width="60"|Pennant Number! header 2 align=center width="200"|Name! header 3 align-center width="600"|Notes
row 1, cell 1 align=center|L4002
row 1, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Agheila
row 1, cell 3 align=center|This was probably the last Mark 8 LCT to be decommissioned from the Army Fleet
row 2, cell 1 align=center|L4037
row 2, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Akyab
row 2, cell 3 align=center|Ex-HMS Rampart
row 3, cell 1 align=center|L4041
row 3, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Abbeville
row 3, cell 3 align=center
row 4, cell 1 align=center|L4061
row 4, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Audemer
row 4, cell 3 align=center
row 5, cell 1 align=center|L4062
row 5, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Aachen
row 5, cell 3 align=center
row 6, cell 1 align=center|L4073
row 6, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Ardennes
row 6, cell 3 align=center|The new HVAV Ardennes (LCL) commissioned c.1977 was given Pennant Number L4001
row 7, cell 1 align=center|L4074
row 7, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Antwerp
row 7, cell 3 align=center
row 8, cell 1 align=center|L4085
row 8, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Agedabia
row 8, cell 3 align=center
row 9, cell 1 align=center|L4086
row 9, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Arromanches
row 9, cell 3 align=center
row 10, cell 1 align=center|L4097
row 10, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Andalnes
row 10, cell 3 align=center|I last saw this ship decommissioned and alongside at Gun Wharf in 1977. Someone had stolen the ship's bell!
row 11, cell 1 align=center|L4164
row 11, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Arakan
row 11, cell 3 align=center|The new HMAV Arakan (LCL) commissioned c.1978 was given Pennant Number L4003
row 12, cell 1 align=center|L4182
row 12, cell 2 align=center|HMAV Arezzo
row 12, cell 3 align=center

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