Tallit katan

Tallit katan

One of two articles of religious vesture called tallit, the tallit katan ("little tallit") is a white undergarment worn, primarily, by Orthodox and Hasidic Jews as a fulfillment of the commandment in to wear the garment as a "remember [ance of] all the commandments of the LORD."

The tallit katan is also known as "arba kanfot" (Yid. "arba kanfos") or "tzitzit" (Yid. "tzitzis"). It it traditionally known as "tallét ketannah" amongst Sephardim.

The tallit katan is worn for the duration of the day, even under the tallit gadol. It is not to be worn directly on the skin, but it is generally worn beneath one's shirt (yet above an undershirt) so as to conform to societal dress codes. However, chasidim tend to wear them on top of their shirts. They do, however, wear a suit vest over their tallit katan.

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Photographs of, and explanations of how to wear, the Tallit katan are found at:

* [http://ahuva.com/detail.aspx?ID=543 "A Poly/Cotton Tallit Katan- Undergarment Tzitzit", Ahuva.com. Accessed 13 Feb 2008.]

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