Ezra (disambiguation)

Ezra (disambiguation)

Ezra is a personal name derived from Hebrew, written variously as עֶזְרָא ( Standard Hebrew ), ʿEzra, ( Tiberian Hebrew ), ʿEzrâ: Arabic: 'Uzair (عزير), Turkish: Esra.

* Ezra or Esdras, Biblical figures
* Islamic view of Ezra
* Book of Ezra, a book of the Bible
* Ezra of Armenia, a Catholicos of Armenia
* "Ezra" (film), a 2007 Nigerian film
* Ezra (comic), a comic book character by Arcana Studio
* Ezra (youth movement), an Orthodox Zionist youth movement

In people:
* Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University
* Ezra Kire, musician
* Ezra Klein, blogger and journalist for "The American Prospect"
* Ezra Pound, poet
* Ezra Vogel, East Asian scholar
* David Alan Ezra, U.S. District Judge in Honolulu
* Ezra Jack Keats, children's book author
* Ezra Levant, publisher of the "Western Standard" newsmagazine
* Abraham ibn Ezra, one of the most distinguished men of letters and writers of the Middle Ages
* Ezra Stiles
* Ezra Taylor,Rugby union player, currently playing for the Highlanders super 14 squad
* Ezra Koenig, lead vocals and guitarist of Vampire Weekend.

ee also

* Ibn Ezra, prominent Jewish family from Spain spanning many centuries.
* Better than Ezra, an alternative rock band
* ESRA (disambiguation)

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