Children of Oakdale (As the World Turns)

Children of Oakdale (As the World Turns)

The following are child characters from the American soap opera, As the World Turns. They are noted for being children of important characters, but as minors do not warrant their own articles.


Hallie Munson

Unknown actor(s) (2007–2008)

Alexa Kaplan (2010)

Hallie Jennifer Munson is adopted daughter of Gwen Munson and Will Munson. She was born on-screen December 17, 2007. Her biological parents are Cole Norbeck and Sofie Duran. Her adopted mother Gwen is also her paternal half-aunt. She was named after her deceased adoptive paternal grandfather Hal and deceased adoptive paternal half-aunt Jennifer. She has one older maternal deceased half-brother Billy Norbeck by adoption who is also her maternal half-cousin.

Eliza Ryan

Julia Kaplan and Madison Orofino (2008–2010)

Eliza Ryan is the daughter of Paul Ryan and Meg Snyder. She was born on-screen December 18, 2008. Her paternal half-sister was Paul and his wife, Emily Stewart's deceased daughter, Jennifer Ryan. Her godparents are Emily and her paternal uncle, Henry Coleman.

Though Eliza comes from a loving family, her early life was fraught with complications, beginning with Meg's pregnancy, during which her paternal grandfather, James Stenbeck, kidnapped Meg in hopes of raising Eliza to retain what would be Paul's child's portion of the Stenbeck fortune. The kidnapping was ended in part by Meg's friend Dusty Donovan, but Meg and Eliza were ultimately saved when Paul found them via psychic visions and shot James, causing him to seemingly plummet to his death from the top of a lighthouse.The kidnapping led to Paul developing a temporary mental instability at James' hands, which led Eliza to be shuffled from Paul to Meg during this time period. Paul kidnapped Eliza twice in an effort to be with his daughter until a brief period of normalcy was reached in their lives. This would be relatively short-lived, as Meg would suffer her own mental breakdown following an affair with Damian Grimaldi, leaving Eliza in the custody of Paul and Emily following her 2010 christening.

As of the end of the show, Eliza permanently resides with Paul and Emily following a bitter custody battle. Despite the fact that Emily left Eliza alone in her car while researching a news story, she and Paul retained custody of Eliza following Meg's move to a treatment facility in Washington, D.C., upon which Paul and Emily vowed to raise Eliza together as a family.

Jacob Snyder

Unknown actor(s) (2009-2010)

Jacob Bradley Snyder is the son of Brad Snyder & Katie Peretti Snyder. He was born prematurely on-screen October 27, 2009. He is the paternal half-brother of Liberty Ciccone. Jacob was born while Katie had been held hostage in an abandoned warehouse by a mobster named Ralph Manzo. Upon learning of her disappearance, Brad frantically searches for Katie, only to be held at gunpoint by Manzo upon reaching the warehouse. In addition to Brad, his brother, Jack Snyder (of the Oakdale police department), and friend, Henry Coleman, had also found the warehouse. However, the inside of the building was pitch dark, and upon hearing gunshots, Jack fired in their general direction. Tragically, unbeknownst to Jack, Manzo had usd Brad as a human sheild, and Jack had accidentally shot Brad. Brad, Katie, and Jacob were all rushed to Oakdale Memorial Hospital. Brad died in the hospital a few days later, having never met Jacob.

At Brad's funeral, Katie officially names her son Jacob Bradley Snyder, in honor of both Jack and Brad.

Following his and Katie's release from the hospital, Jacob lived with his mother in her apartment. The two were briefly joined by Dr. Reid Oliver, until the doctor's own untimely death. As of the end of the series, Jacob and Katie moved into Katie's sister, Margo's house, as Margo and her husband, Tom, had switched residences with Katie. Jacob resides with his mother and her fiance, Chris Hughes.

Lorenzo Donovan

Emily Griffin & Aniella Mohr (2010)

Lorenzo Dustin Donovan is the son of Dusty Donovan & Janet Ciccone. He was born on-screen September 16, 2010. He is the maternal half-brother of Liberty Ciccone and the paternal adoptive half-brother of John "Johnny" Montgomery. Lorenzo was conceived while his mother was still married to Jack Snyder, and it was long assumed following Janet's ultrasound that Jack was indeed his father due to his size. However, a paternity test conducted by Dr. John Dixon just prior to his birth revealed Dusty to be Lorenzo's father. A month following his birth, his full name was revealed on-screen as Lorenzo Dustin Donovan to Jack and his wife Carly when Dusty and Janet name them his godparents.


Nora Kasnoff

Nora Kasnoff was the daughter of Carly Tenney and Mike Kasnoff, she was born May 15, 1996 prematurely as result of her mother Carly falling overboard, leading to her being born prematurely and dying. Her first name was given in the memory of her paternal grandmother Nora Kasnoff (the 1st). She has two younger maternal half-brothers Parker Munson & J.J. Larrabee Snyder who is adopted. Sage Snyder is her younger maternal half-sister. Caroline Kasnoff is her paternal half-sister.

Johnny Dixon

John "Johnny" Dixon, Jr was the son of Barbara Ryan and John Dixon. Born prematurely on November 25, 1997, his lungs never fully developed and he only lived a few days. He died on December 3, 1997. His older paternal half-sister is Margo Montgomery and older paternal half-brothers are Ian "Duke" Kramer, Andrew "Andy" Dixon and Jennifer Munson and older maternal half-brothers are Paul Ryan & Will Munson. His maternal half-nephew John Dustin Donovan is named after him.

Jennifer Ryan

Jennifer Ryan was the daughter of Emily Stewart and Paul Ryan. She was stillborn in 2006, in which her first name was given in memory of her paternal half-aunt Jennifer Munson. Her younger paternal half-sister is Eliza Ryan & older maternal half-brothers are Daniel Hughes & Lyon Hunter. Older maternal half-sister Alison Stewart is her adoptive maternal half-aunt.

Billy Norbeck

Daniel Menake (when believed Billy was alive)

William "Billy" Norbeck was the son of Gwen Norbeck Munson and Casey Hughes. He was conceived at a party where Gwen and Casey first met. The father of Gwen's baby was unknown for a very long time, because Casey denied it and after Billy was born, the paternity tests came back negative. (This was due to the switch Craig Montgomery had made with his son Johnny] When the secret was out, Casey had to confess he was the father after all, and Gwen discovered Billy had died the same night he was born, due to the lack of developing of his lungs. Gwen named him after Will, whose full name was William. His adoptive maternal half-sister Hallie is also his biological maternal half-cousin.

Miscarriages (unknown names)

Margo Hughes has miscarried her baby with Tom twice. The second time was at night, when she was alone. Tom had been seduced that same night by Emily Stewart (who got pregnant as a result of that night). The sex of both Margo's babies were unknown. Had they survived, Adam Munson would have been their maternal half-brother, Lien Hughes their paternal half-sister, Daniel Hughes their paternal half-brother and Casey Hughes their full brother.

Emily Stewart got once involved with James Stenbeck, but broke with him after only a few months. She found out soon she was pregnant with his child, so, she married Holden Snyder to make sure the baby would grow up just fine. When she miscarried the child, Holden discovered the truth and divorced her. The sex of the child never came out in the open. David Stenbeck, Paul Ryan, Jordan Sinclair and Henry Coleman would have been its paternal half-brothers and Daniel Hughes and Hunter would have been its maternal half-brothers.

Jessica Griffin and Ben Harris had been trying to conceive since their marriage, however things were not going as fast as they wished. Around that same time, Jessica found out her friend Margo had an affair with Doc Reese. Jessica tried to keep them apart, as it was bad news for Margo's marriage. However, it was Jessica who ended up in Doc's bed. Though it was just one night, it was all it took for Jessica to get pregnant. She and Ben were thrilled, until Jess realised the baby could be Doc's. She miscarried not much later, and that same day, Ben received news he was infertile. He discovered Jessica's night with Doc and they became estranged for a while her. The sex of the baby is unknown. Bonnie McKechnie was the baby's maternal half-sister.

Alison Stewart got pregnant, though she did not know who the father was; her recent ex-boyfriend Chris Hughes or one-night stand Aaron Snyder. She did a sonogram and discovered it was Chris. However, Chris made clear he did not want to have anything to do with her, so Ali switched her sonogram with another woman, so Chris would not find out the date of conception. When Chris did find out, he travelled after Ali, who had gone to an abortion clinic. Aaron arrived there to and the two found Ali on the roof. She fell down and lost her baby. Had it survived, its maternal half-sibling would have been the baby that Alison and Will conceived to give to Gwen.

Gwen and Will have miscarried two babies. The first one was Gwen's own baby, though she was told she could never conceive. Therefore, she and Will thought of this baby as a miracle. Unfortunately, Gwen miscarried several weeks later. Ali than offered to donate her egg cells. Gwen got pregnant again, but it was discovered she could never carry a baby herself and she lost the baby again. Both sexes were unknown. Gwen's first baby would have had an adoptive sister Hallie that was also her biological maternal half-cousin and maternal half-brother Billy Norbeck. Its paternal half-sibling would have been the baby that Alison and Will conceived. Gwen's second baby would have had an adoptive paternal half-sister in Hallie who would also be its biological adoptive maternal half-cousin and paternal half-sibling/adoptive full-sibling in the first baby Gwen lost and biological maternal half-sibling in the first baby Alison lost.

Meg Snyder has also lost two babies. Her first miscarriage was with Josh Stricklyn Snyder, who was her lover at the time. This baby would have had a maternal half-brother who was also miscarried and maternal half-sister in Eliza Ryan. The second time was with Paul Ryan in 2007. It wasn't clear at first who the father was, since Meg was married to Craig Montgomery, but test results showed Paul was the father, including the fact they were having a son. When Craig discovered this, he eventually confronted Paul, with Meg as well. When Meg tried to keep them apart, she pushed aside, landed on her belly and was rushed to the hospital. There, she was informed she had lost her baby. Upon this, she divorced Craig, after discovering he had switched the paternity tests, letting everyone believe first Craig was the father. This baby would have been Meg's first baby's maternal half-sibling and Eliza's full sibling and Jennifer Ryan's younger paternal half-brother.

Katie Peretti lost two children before giving birth to Jacob, her son with Brad Snyder. The first miscarriage was a result of an ectopic pregnancy, Katie was then told she would not be able to naturally conceive a child. Vienna Hyatt agreed to be their surrogate, but also miscarried after tripping over a power cord and falling on her stomach. Both sexes are unknown. Had they been born, Liberty Ciccone would have been their paternal half-sister.

Vienna Hyatt had two miscarriages. She was a surrogate for Brad and Katie, who were unable to conceive a child, but fell shortly after she became pregnant. Scared to tell Brad and Katie the truth about their baby, Vienna convinced her boyfriend Henry, who did not want to be a father, to get her pregnant so they could give it to Brad and Katie. She successfully conceived and let Brad and Katie believe she was still pregnant with their child. However, she miscarried again just weeks later. Neither sex is known. Liberty Ciccone would have been their paternal half-sister or adoptive sister, assuming Vienna had kept up her ruse and given the second baby to Brad and Katie.

Liberty Ciccone became pregnant after a drunken one-night-stand with a boy from her high school. She originally wanted to abort the pregnancy, but kept stalling until far into her first trimester. She finally decided to go through with the abortion, but while taking a walk through a park before her appointment she was hit with a football and fell. Insisting she was fine, she stood up too soon and passed out. She was rushed to the hospital and discovered she'd lost the baby. The sex of the baby is unknown.

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