List of Cuban American writers

List of Cuban American writers

This is a list of the most notable Cuban American writers.
*Iván Acosta, playwright, works include El Super (movie version 1979) and Un cubiche en la luna (1989)Marc Zimmerman, "U.S. Latino Literature: An Essay and Annotated Bibliography", MARCH/Abrazo, 1992.]
*Mercedes de Acosta, poet, playwright
*Reinaldo Arenas, poet, author
*Octavio Armand, poet
*Joaquín Badajoz, poet, author, essayist (North American Academy of the Spanish Language, fellow member).
*Lourdes Casal, poet
*Migdia Chinea-Varela, screenwriter, essayist
*Nilo Cruz, playwright, the first Latino to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama
*Carmen Agra Deedy, children's books author
*Frank Fernández, anarchist, author of exile-related themes
*Roberto G. Fernández, novelist
*Sean Ferrer, author (son of actors Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer)
*María Irene Fornés, playwright
*Paula Fox, author, winner of Hans Christian Andersen Medal, biological grandmother of musician Courtney Love
*Cristina García, novelist
*Carolina Garcia-Aguilera, mystery novelist and descendant of Cuban independence patriot Francisco Vicente Aguilera [ [ Carolina Garcia Aguilera] b.1949]
*Celedonio González, novelist; works include Los primos (1971) and Los cuatro embajadores (1973)
*Evelio Grillo
*Juan Gerardo Hernandez, author ( books ""Cuban, That's All"" and ""More Cuban, That's All"")
*Oscar Hijuelos, first Hispanic to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction
*Eduardo Machado
*José Martí
*Pablo Medina, poet
*Matías Montes Huidobro, novelist; works include Desterrados al fuego (1975)
*Elías Miguel Muñoz, poet and novelist, author of Crazy Love (1988) and The Greatest Performance (1991), as well as works in Spanish
*Anaïs Nin, author [ [ Anais Nin] was born in France of Cuban parents, and was later a naturalized American Citizen]
*Lino Novás Calvo, novelist; works include Maneras de contar (1970)
*Achy Obejas, novelist
* [ Dolores Prida] , playwright; English-language works include those collected in Beautiful Señoritas and Other Plays (1991)
*Jorge Reyes, memoirist, short-story writer, poet, children's books
*Isel Rivero, poet
*Antonio Sacre, children's books, playwright
*José Sánchez-Boudy, poet
*Virgil Suárez, novelist, poet and anthologist
*Piri Thomas, author (memoir "Down These Mean Streets")
*Omar Torres, novelist; works include Apenas un bolero (1981), Al partir (1986), and Fallen Angels Sing (1991)
*Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, writer ("The Dirty Girls Social Club")
* [ José Yglesias] , novelist and playwright, author of A Wake in Ybor City, Double Double, The Guns in the Closet and [ other works]


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*Marc Zimmerman, "U.S. Latino Literature: An Essay and Annotated Bibliography", MARCH/Abrazo, 1992.

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