SS Newfoundland

SS Newfoundland

SS "Newfoundland" was a sealing ship from whose crew complement 78 sealers lost their lives on the ice during extreme weather conditions in March 1914.

Both the captain of the "Newfoundland" and the captain of the nearby sealing vessel, the SS "Stephano"— who happened to be the father of the captain of the "Newfoundland"— thought that the men were safely aboard the other man's vessel. [ [ Death on the Ice, Memorial University Archives] "]

This disaster occurred during the same storm in which the SS "Southern Cross" sank.

The ship continued in service for many years, was mobilized as part of the merchant navy and during peace time acted as a passenger liner, usually pointing her bow towards Boston or Liverpool. [cite web|title=Passenger lists for various boats, including several voyages of the SS Newfoundland from 1923-1931|url=] [cite web|title=Passenger list for the SS Newfoundland, sailing from Liverpool, December 24, 1939, sailing from St. John's on January 5, 1940 and arriving Boston on January 8, 1940|url=]

This event was the subject of the book "Death on the Ice" by Cassie Brown, and a 1991 National Film Board of Canada documentary "I Just Didn't Want to Die": The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster." [cite web|url=|title=National Film Board of Canada collection]


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