"This article is about the term sear-grill when used to generalize the cooking appliance known as a infrared grill. For other uses, see Grill."

Sear-Grill and Sear-Grilling are terms commonly used when referring to a process of searing meat or food items with a infrared grill.

Sear-Grilling is a process of instantly searing the outside of meat, effectively locking in the juices, to make the food more flavorful. This is a new grilling method, commonly grilling is the process of heating the surrounding air to cook food. Instead, the infrared grill directly heats the food, not the air.

This is a new concept for grilling but this certainly is not new. Our Sun heats the Earth the same way, sunlight transverses millions of miles of sub-zero space to reach us, but yet when it get here it feels warm against our skin. This is not because the Sun is heating the entire solar system, but instead it uses infrared waves to carry heat energy to earth.

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