List of Kamen Rider Kiva characters

List of Kamen Rider Kiva characters

This is a list of characters of the 2008 Japanese tokusatsu series "Kamen Rider Kiva". The cast of characters is mostly split among two years, 1986 and 2008, and both groups of characters affect one another in their actions and their battles with the vampiric Fangire.

2008 side

Wataru Kurenai

nihongo|Wataru Kurenai|紅 渡|Kurenai Wataru is a shy young man who never lies, keeping to himself due to his hygiene obsession and belief that he was "allergic to the world." He works at an atelier to continue his father's legacy of violin making with a dream to create the ultimate violin, using strange methods to accomplish it. But, Wataru is destined from birth to become Kamen Rider Kiva as his mother is Maya. He teams up with Kivat to fight the Fangire race and protect humanity from them, learning of his family legacy and true nature.

Keisuke Nago

nihongo|Keisuke Nago|名護 啓介|Nago Keisuke is an elite member of the Fangire Hunters, working as a bounty hunter by capturing criminals and taking a button from them as a memento. He has an intense hatred towards Kiva, making him a loose cannon for his intent to kill Kiva. He also has a prejudice for certain people like Wataru, as he believes they are everything his ideology of "humanity's full potential" is against. Like Wataru, Nago has his own Rider System, becoming Kamen Rider Ixa who is made to counter Kiva. After finding out Wataru is Kiva, he is relieved that the power of Kiva is in good hands.

Megumi Aso

nihongo|Megumi Aso|麻生 恵|Asō Megumi is a famous model and the daughter of Yuri living in the year 2008, born on December 29, 1987. As a Fangire Hunter and as Yuri's daughter, Megumi makes it her duty to hunt down the Fangire as well as finish her mother's unfinished affairs, such as Rook. She meets Wataru and develops a liking towards him after helping him with his allergy issue, unaware that he is actually Kiva himself. She is also not afraid to tell him off whenever he acts strange. While Keisuke Nago has expressed his interest in her, Megumi cannot stand him and was reluctant to notify him of Kiva's reappearance. Her weapon is a rather small pistol that shoots slugs at high velocities, with an attachment which shoots out a chain that resembles her mother's Fangire Slayer. It seems that she shares her mother's cynophobia. Over time, she starts to see Kiva in a different light as he continues to fight the Fangire, rescuing her on more than one occasion in the process. When her younger brother named nihongo|Mitsuhide Aso|麻生 光秀|Asō Mitsuhide, the Fangire Hunters' benefactor, comes to reclaim his sister, Megumi refuses to leave and convinces her brother to let her remain after killing Rook using the Ixa System.

hizuka Nomura

nihongo|Shizuka Nomura|野村 静香|Nomura Shizuka is a 14-year-old girl who able to get around the shyness of Wataru being a motherly figure to him as he teaches her how to play the violin. She seems to be infatuated with Wataru; as a result, she can be jealous of other women in his life and actually sabotages his relation to Mio. Shizuka happens to be one of the few people to know about Kivat, though she does not know that Wataru is Kiva. She is also shown to be very adept at drumming.

Kengo Eritate

nihongo|Kengo Eritate|襟立 健吾|Eritate Kengo is an independent rock guitarist and vocalist from Tokyo who lied about coming from Osaka out of shyness. Although he formed a band called nihongo|IKEMENS|イケメンズ|Ikemenzu, other members got tired of his character and dropped out. After that, he makes Wataru and Shizuka join and aims at the major debut as a new IKEMENS as part of his lifelong dream to be a rockstar. Though he learns that Wataru's lifelong dream is not like his, Kengo remains Wataru's friend as the two promise to help each other out with their dreams. However, when nearly devoured by the Rhinoceros Fangire, Kengo encounters Kiva and begins to idolize him and then Keisuke after seeing him fight the Ladybug Fangire, wishing to be the later's apprentice. When he is deputized as a temporary Fangire Hunter, Kengo has to be hospitalized after shoulder and hand injuries from fighting the Crab Fangire. Once released from the hospital, he learns that due to his injuries, he can no longer play the guitar, and as a result, gets angry at Wataru from hiding this truth from him. The rage gets worst when Kengo overhears Nago naming Wataru his apprentice instead of him, with Kengo being taken Shima's wing and made into a offical Fangire Hunter, now bitter and harsh with no respect for Nago and very distrustful of Wataru. When Nago is injured in action, Kengo eagerly takes his place as Ixa's user.

Kivat-bat the 3rd

*Wingspan: 280mm
*Weight: 820g
*Max. flight speed: 70km/hnihongo|Kivat-bat the 3rd|キバットバットIII世|Kibattobatto Sansei is the 3rd generation of the nihongo|Kivat-bat Family|キバットバット家|Kibattobatto Ke, distinguished among the nihongo|Kivat Race|キバット族|Kibatto Zoku, possessing two heirlooms, the green nihongo|Demon Imperial Stone|魔皇石|Makōseki on the forehead and the nihongo|Kivat Persona|キバットペルソナ|Kibatto Perusona on the face. Called "Kivat" for short, he is a solid character with dry wit, tending to have a bitter attitude. He has a technique called nihongo|Kivat Cutter|キバットカッター|Kibatto Kattā with the nihongo|Kivat Wings|キバットウイング|Kibatto Uingu which are ornamented with nihongo|Lucifer Gold|ルシファーゴールド|Rushifā Gōrudo. He formed a partnership with Wataru to give him the power of Kiva, infusing the nihongo|Active Force|アクティブフォース|Akutibu Fōsu which is one of the nihongo|Demon Imperial Powers|魔皇力|Makōryoku from the nihongo|Active Fangs|アクティブファング|Akutibu Fangu before attaching to the nihongo|Kivat Belt|キバットベルト|Kibatto Beruto to allow his human partner to transform by the Active Force, as well as blow the Fuestles to evoke their power. He likes Megumi because she reminds him of Amedeo Modigliani's masterpieces, particularly the man's works of long-necked women. Kivat also serves as a narrator of sorts, telling the viewer random historical facts while scenes from the previous episode play in the background.

Mio Suzuki

nihongo|Mio Suzuki|鈴木 深央|Suzuki Mio is a meek and clumsy girl who is currently dating Wataru after they meet at her previous job at a restaurant, where she was fired for being clumsy. However, her encounter with Fangires reveal that she is more than meets the eye, learning that she is actually Maya's successor to the title of Queen of the Checkmate Four and the future bride to Taiga, donning a anklet from Bishop to complete to her full transition into the Checkmate Four. Though in charge of killing traitors, which she has been relucant to carry out, Mio is given the additional task of killing Kiva to protect their kind from him. She is currently unaware that Wataru is Kiva, still having feelings for him in spite of being forced to marry Taiga. Just like her predecessor Maya, Mio can transform into the nihongo|Pearlshell Fangire|パールシェルファンガイア|Pārusheru Fangire and can utilize all of the previous Queen's powers, though she can turn day into night with a violet moon in the background and Fangire form is indigo compared to Maya's being a pink color. Not wanting the power of Queen, she learns of Maya's location to find out how she can rid herself of the title.

Taiga Nobori

nihongo|Taiga Nobori|登 太牙|Nobori Taiga is Maya's first born son, the child Maya had with the Checkmate Four's original King, and current King of the Checkmate Four. He had met Wataru in their childhood, and the two became good friends. Though by 2008, he founded the nihongo|Development & Pioneer|D&P(ディベロープメント&パイオニア)|Diberōpumento ando Paionia company, Taiga developed a disdain for humans and, as King, is in charge preventing the progress of humanity if it would pose a threat to Fangires. To meet his goal, Taiga has his own rider form, Kamen Rider Saga, and is aided by nihongo|Sagarc|サガーク|Sagāku. Though his true form is unknown, his power and abilities deal with serpents.

1986 side

Otoya Kurenai

nihongo|Otoya Kurenai|紅 音也|Kurenai Otoya is Wataru's father who battles the Fangire menace in the year 1986, 22 years ago. Otoya is a ladies man who retires from being a professional violinist for reasons unknown. It is by accident that he interferes in Yuri's mission and is eventually brought into their group as a result. Though normally a casanova, Otoya cannot stand people getting married and others getting in his way. He was the first to learn Jiro is actually a Wolfen, although no one believes him until later before he becomes the 2nd user of the Ixa System from him, eventually. He is also capable of reasoning with a Fangire, as he befriends Ōmura/Frog Fangire and convinces him not to harm others. During his battle with the Fangire Race, Otoya falls in love with Maya of Checkmate Four, with his very fate a mystery. The only item he leaves behind for Wataru is the violin named the Bloody Rose that Otoya himself made with Maya's help.

However, by a strange term of events in 2008, Otoya makes his appearance when he suddenly finds himself in Wataru's body. During that time, he recognized Megumi and Kivat as the children of those from his time. He also starts building a new violin with Wataru unaware that his father is building it through him.

Yuri Aso

nihongo|Yuri Aso|麻生 ゆり|Asō Yuri is the founding member of the Fangire Hunters 22 years ago, meeting Otoya by sheer accident. She hates the Fangires with a passion, referring to them as "God's mistakes", as it was Rook who murdered her mother nihongo|Akane Aso|麻生 あかね|Asō Akane, one of the founding members and designer of the Ixa suit. However, her vengence on Rook was never resolved though she did succeed in providing her daughter an advantage and finally was being able to move on after defeating Rook personally. After admiting her feelings for Otoya, she moved in with his house to live as his roommate, only to feel betrayed when Otoya is seeing Maya. Yuri seems to be cynophobic, which can be a hassle while she is working at the Café mald'amour. Her weapon is two bars that connect together to create a short snake sword named the nihongo|Fangire Slayer|ファンガイアスレイヤー|Fangaia Sureiyā. The sword, despite its size, can elongate further than imagined. However, by 2008, Yuri is deceased and buried next to her mother.


The nihongo|King|キング|Kingu of the Checkmate Four is the father of Taiga Nobori and betrothed to Maya, the Queen of the Checkmate Four.

No side

These characters are the few that exist in both the 1986 and 2008 timelines, serving as a link between the 22 year gap.

Mamoru Shima

nihongo|Mamoru Shima|嶋 護|Shima Mamoru is a mysterious millionaire who is the president of the Shima Foundation, a front for the nihongo|Wonderful Blue Sky Organization|素晴らしき青空の会|Subarashiki Aozora no Kai that funds the Fangire Hunters, spending his spare time at a gym. He also gathers information on any new members of the Fangire Race that the Organization comes across, as well as seeing Kiva as a possible greater threat due to the original's rampage in 1986. He let Kengo be part of the organization, training him to be a more suited successor to Ixa System.

Akira Kido

nihongo|Akira Kido|木戸 明|Kido Akira is the owner of the nihongo|Café mald'amour|カフェ・マル・ダムール|kafe maru damūru and an acquaintance of Otoya's in the past, a rival with Shima in who can lose the most weight in 1985. He owns a Golden Retriever named nihongo|Buruman|ぶるまん|Buruman, a puppy in 1986 and a fully grown dog in 2008. He is the first few to know that Wataru is Otoya's son. Akira and Otoya do not get along, although Buruman took an instant liking to the violinist. Akira was also a fan of the popular at the time song group Onyanko.

Arms Monsters

The nihongo|Arms Monsters|アームズモンスター|Āmuzu Monsutā are last of the three of the 13 nihongo|Demon Races|魔族|Mazoku wiped out by Fangires, whom they hate to be compared to and vowed revenge on the genocide of their races. They are considered Kiva's allies, though Kivat considers them as only Kiva's arsenal instead of actual living creatures. After making a nihongo|Darkness Pledge|闇の盟約|Yami no Meiyaku with Otoya, they are marked with orbs on their bodies and their original abilities sealed as they are then placed inside Castle Doran as its caretakers, Kiva's supporters, and the Blue Sky Organization's protectors until Wataru dies. They allow Kiva to access other powerful forms, possessing their fighting skills and mentality. They can sometimes get directly getting involved when needed to support Kiva.


*Garulu's height: 225cm
*Garulu's weight: 92kgnihongo|Jiro|次狼|Jirō is the human form of the violent and impulsive nihongo|Garulu|ガルル|Garuru, the last surviving member of the nihongo|Wolfen Race|ウルフェン族|Urufen Zoku that were decimated by Rook. Like those of his kind, Garulu uses his claws to rip out human souls from their bodies before eating them. In the human guise of Jiro, Garulu sees the world as a place of utter corruption and usually prefers to be with Castle Doran as its lead caretaker, occasionally playing Dogga in Chess or cards. He usually triggers his transformation by scraping his fingers against the ground.

In 1986, Jiro is a regular at the Café mald'amour as he enjoys the coffee there. Unbeknownst to the other workers, he begins attacking regulars in secret to feed on them, leaving Yuri alone as she's an "ideal wife" to revive the Wolfen Race through. To that end, he joins the Fangire Hunters and becomes the first user of the Ixa System, saving Yuri from the Earwig Fangire and also alerting Otoya to his true nature, with the two at odds with each other unless Yuri's in any danger. But after Yuri reveal that her heart's for Otoya, Jiro left a lost man after exposing himself for what he truly was and attempts to get his revenge on Rook. But after the attempt, Jiro was forced to ask for Otoya's help, with them, Ramon, Riki, and Yuri defeating a weakened Rook together.

Eventually, Jiro makes a Darkness Pledge with Otoya and now aids Wataru in 2008, becoming the nihongo|Garulu Saber|ガルルセイバー|Garuru Seibā that Kiva uses to assume nihongo|Garulu Form|ガルルフォーム|Garuru Fōmu. Out of the Arms Monsters, Jiro supports his current condition as Wataru's ally out of respect for Otoya, even to the point of directly getting involved sometimes to honor his vows. In the "The Queen of Hell Castle" net spin-off movies, Jiro challenges Kiva when Wataru accidentally ends up in Castle Doran.

While nihongo|"garuru"|ガルル is a Japanese onomatopoeic sound representation of a wolf's howl, the last syllable in Jiro's name contains the kanji for nihongo|"wolf"|狼|ōkami/rō.


*Basshaa's height: 170cm
*Basshaa's weight: 68kgnihongo|Ramon|ラモン is the human form of the cheerful nihongo|Basshaa|バッシャー|Basshā, the 127 year old survivor of the nihongo|Merman Race|マーマン族|Māman Zoku He has a cool yet childish attitude and is able to assume his true form by spinning then snapping his fingers. He can shoot pressurized water bubbles from his mouth and his pupils turn into crosshairs to increase his aim. Basshaa is Castle Doran's housekeeper, assuming the form of a 13-year-old boy in a School Gakuran outfit while using his telekinetic abilities to mess with his housemates' chessgame from time to time. In 1986, he lives in human society as a shoeshine boy while aiding Jiro out of common interest, though confused by the Wolfen's methods as he should be in hiding and feeding off of humans in secret. When the parlor he lived in closed, Ramon started to work at the Café mald'amour as a greeter until Jiro left and became a fireworks seller when Jiro asked for his aid. Eventually, Ramon makes a Darkness Pledge with Otoya and now aids Wataru in 2008, becoming the nihongo|Basshaa Magnum|バッシャーマグナム|Basshā Magunamu that Kiva uses to assume nihongo|Basshaa Form|バッシャーフォーム|Basshā Fōmu.

The word nihongo|"basshā"|バッシャー is a Japanese onomatopoeic sound representation of a splashing effect.


*Dogga's height: 270cm
*Dogga's weight: 320kgnihongo|Riki|力(リキ) is the human form of the silent nihongo|Dogga|ドッガ|Dogga, the last surviving member of the nihongo|Franken Race|フランケン族|Furanken Zoku. He has unbeatable strength and feeds by grabbing a person and draining the soul out in the form of eletrical discharges. He acts as Castle Doran's butler, assuming his true form by pounding his fists together. He can only speak in a slow, monotone voice, and is thus not as talkative as Jiro or Ramon, usually having one of them speak for him. In addition to his habit of popping his neck, Riki tends to eat things that are inedible to normal people. In 1986, he lives in human society as a masseur in Ramon's parlor before moving into the Café mald'amour to work there for a bit, falling in love with Yuri after eating her food. When Jiro left, Riki joined Ramon to became a fireworks seller until Jiro asked for their aid. Riki later made a Darkness Pledge with Otoya and now aids Wataru in 2008, becoming the nihongo|Dogga Hammer|ドッガハンマー|Dogga Hanmā that Kiva uses to assume nihongo|Dogga Form|ドッガフォーム|Dogga Fōmu.

The word nihongo|"dogga"|ドッガ is a Japanese onomatopoeic sound representation of a great thud, in the case, a hammer hitting while "Riki"'s name is spelled with the same kanji for nihongo|"power"|力|chikara.

Fangire Race

The nihongo|Fangire Race|ファンガイア族|Fangaia Zoku are the series' antagonists, with the major members of the Fangire Race playing a part in the story.


nihongo|Maya|真夜|Maya is the the human form of the nihongo|Pearlshell Fangire|パールシェルファンガイア|Pārusheru Fangire and the original nihongo|Queen|クイーン|Kuīn of the Checkmate Four in 1986, possessing the Queen tattoo on her palm. Her powers are similar to Kiva as she can turn day into night with a blood red moon in the background and teleport in black rose petals as well as being the strongest of the Checkmate Four and consort to the Fangire King. Due to her status, Maya is in charge of executing any Fangire who betrays their kind, accompanied by Kivat-bat the 2nd who serves as her eyes and ears. She lived for centuries, meeting Antonio Stradivari and Antonio Vivaldi and becoming their pupil, gaining an admiration for their genius and a love for human art. After Vivaldi's death, Maya found no other human like him until she crosses paths with Otoya, questioning her mission and the concept of love. As a result, while accompanying Otoya while he lost his memory, she starts to question humanity. Eventually, Maya is forced to reveal her true identity as a Fangire to Otoya when attacked by Dogga. But when Otoya refuses to kill her, she asks him to let her help him into creating a ideal violin for him to show his true potential, which would be named the Bloody Rose. However, her actions resided with Maya being striped of her title and exiled into total isolation in a location only Bishop knew of.

By 2008, though she survived, Maya now wears an eye patch. When she meets her successor Mio, explaining to her how succession works, Maya realizes that Mio is following a path similar to her own. She has a infant child with the previous King who succeeds him, Taiga Nobori, and another child with Otoya who inherits the mantle of Kiva, Wataru.


nihongo|Rook|ルーク|Rūku, named after the Rook tattoo on his hand, is the human form of the nihongo|Lion Fangire|ライオンファンガイア|Raion Fangaia and a member of the Checkmate Four. Rook is the one Yuri swore vengeance on for murdering her mother, as well as being the one who slaughtered nearly the entire Wolfen Race. Being one annoyed with boredom, Rook devised his own personal game: The "Time Play". In a Time Play, he feeds on a select group of people within a time limit, with failure to make the intended number resulting in self-punishment with a electric shock strong enough to kill a human. However if he manages to succeed the right amount of victims within his game, he rewards himself with ice cream. Eventually he was defeated by Yuri when she tricks him into using the Ixa System to weaken him before Otoya and the Arms Monsters further weaken him for Yuri to deliver the deathblow with the Ixa System. However, Rook barely escaped with a servere wound on his right shoulder, entering a deep rest to recuperate from his injuries.

By 2008, Rook has lost his memories while resting and possesses a child-like mentality, found by Wataru and Shizuka. Because he cannot remember his name, they call him nihongo|Dai-chan|大ちゃん|Daichan due to his size. Soon after, Dai-Chan regains all of his memories as Rook upon seeing one of his old battlefields. However, Rook became bored with his Time Plays and now resorts to playing the ultimate game, doing good deeds before getting himself killed to enter the pearly gates. However in the end, Rook decides to start a new game instead by destroying Ixa before being finally killed by Megumi using the Ixa system on his still wounded shoulder.


nihongo|Bishop|ビショップ|Bishoppu is the human form of the nihongo|Swallowtail Fangire|スワローテイルファンガイア|Suwarōteiru Fangaia whose task as member of the Checkmate Four is to oversee the progress of all Fangires and their moral conduct, deeming those who are traitors. Bishop can shoot blue flames from his hand while in human form. In 1986, he looks after Taiga for Maya while not leaving Castle Doran to carry out his mission. In 2008, he appears before Mio to have her embrace her destiny as the new Queen before searching for Taiga to complete the Checkmate Four prior to Rook's demise, deeming the current King as a improvement to the last one. However, since learning that Kiva is Wataru, Bishop have been obbessing with learning his parents' identities to understand why he is the new Kiva as well as disrupting his work.

Ryo Itoya

nihongo|Ryo Itoya|糸矢 僚|Itoya Ryō is the human form of the nihongo|Spider Fangire|スパイダーファンガイア|Supaidā Fangaia. Because of his encounters with Yuri and Otoya in 1986, he has become obsessed with her. In 2008, his obsession shifts to Yuri's daughter Megumi, making attempts to have her for himself. In his final attempt, he accidentally gains the Ixa Belt and uses it to make Megumi his. But once he loses the Ixa Knuckle due to his attraction to Megumi, Ryo is weakened by the Garulu Fever of Emperor Form and then destroyed by the fully awakened Mio.

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