Fiddle Faddle (musical composition)

Fiddle Faddle (musical composition)

Fiddle Faddle is a musical composition composed by Leroy Anderson. It is considered to be a "light" classical music composition, sometimes referred to as "classical pops" music and was published in 1947.

Anderson wrote the piece as one of a number of pieces commissioned over time by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra.The finished piece instantly became a favorite of audiences and Arthur Fiedler alike. Fiedler programmed it so frequently in Pops concerts that the Pops audiences began referring to it as "Fiedler Faddle". Written in classic "song-and-trio" form, it is based on the childhood nursery song "Three Blind Mice". It was recorded many times in the late 1940s and early 1950s by a variety of musical ensembles. Prominently featuring the violins, as the title would imply, the opening and closing sections rely on rapid sixteenth note passages, followed by pizzicato playing in the trio.

The piece has been transcribed for concert or theater organ.

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