Bernese Oberland

Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland (Bernese highlands) is the higher part of the canton of Bern, Switzerland, in the south of the canton: The area around Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and the valleys of the Bernese Alps (thus, the inhabitable parts from approximately the level of Lake Thun at 558 m).

The Flag of the Bernese Oberland consists of a black eagle in a gold field (in reference to the region's old status as reichsfrei) over two fields in the cantonal colours of red and black.

Districts considered part of the Oberland are:

*Thun (district)
*Interlaken (district)
*Oberhasli (district)
*Frutigen (district)
*Obersimmental (district)
*Niedersimmental (district)
*Saanen (district)

The Swiss German dialects spoken in the Bernese Oberland are Highest Alemannic German, contrasting with the High Alemannic Bernese German spoken in Berne and the northern parts of the canton.

In the short-lived Helvetic Republic, the Bernese Oberland was made a separate canton, (Canton of Oberland).


The Bernese Oberland is well known for touristic reasons.

There are 9 destinations:
* [ Berner Oberland]
* [ Gstaad-Saanenland]
* [ Lenk - Simmental]
* [ Adelboden-Frutigen]
* [ Thunersee]
* [ Ferienregion Lötschberg]
* [ Interlaken]
* [ Wengen-Mürren-Lauterbrunnental]
* [ Grindelwald]
* [ Haslital]

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