2nd Panzer Army (Germany)

2nd Panzer Army (Germany)

The 2nd Panzer Army ( _de. 2.Panzerarmee) was a German tank army that was a large armoured formation within the Wehrmacht Heer field forces during World War II.


It origins were in the Panzer Group "Guderian" ("Panzergruppe Guderian"), named after its commander Heinz Guderian, and Panzergruppe 2 which played a significant role in the initial success of blitzkrieg during Operation Barbarossa.

ervice history


The Army was renamed as the 2nd Panzer Army in October 1941, attached to Army Group Centre and fought in the Battle of Moscow and later in the defensive battles of the Eastern Front central sector.


The Army later served with the Army Group F and transferred to the Balkans for anti-partisan operations.


The 2nd Panzer Army also fought in Yugoslavia, Hungary and Austria.


Generaloberst Heinz Guderian (October 5, 1941 - December 25, 1941)
Generaloberst Rudolf Schmidt (December 25, 1941 - April 10, 1943)
General der Infanterie Heinrich Clößner (April 11, 1943 - August 6, 1943)
Generalfeldmarschall Walter Model (August 6, 1943 - August 14, 1943)
Generaloberst Dr Lothar Rendulic (August 14, 1943 - June 24, 1944)
General der Infanterie Franz Böhme (June 24, 1944 - July 17, 1944)
General der Artillerie Maximilian de Angelis (July 18, 1944 - May 8, 1945)


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