Green Party Taiwan

Green Party Taiwan

The Green Party Taiwan (台灣綠黨, pinyin: Táiwān Lǜ Dǎng) is a political party in Taiwan, active in the late 20th century, established on 25 January 1996. The party is not a member of and should not be confused with the Pan-Green Coalition. As its name suggests, the Green Party Taiwan focuses on environmental issues. Green Party Taiwan is a member of the Asia-Pacific Green Network.

Notable members

*Lin Cheng-hsiu (林正修), Research, Development and Evaluation Commission Director, Taipei City (apparently the only party member who holds a public office as of 2004); he ran unsuccessfully as an independent candidate in the 2004 legislative election. In 2007, Lin appeared to have become a campaign manager for Pan-Blue Coalition's presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou [] .
*Kao Cheng-yan (高成炎), party activist and acting convener; former Taiwan independence activist during his student years in the U.S.; candidate for the Legislative Yuan 2001.
*Lai Fen-lan (賴芬蘭), spokesperson 2002.
*Linda Gail Arrigo (艾琳達), international affairs officer for the party; ex-wife of Shih Ming-teh.
*Pan Han-Chiang (潘翰疆), member of the Central Supervisory Committee of the party, 1999; also, vice secretary-general of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Union.
* Peter Ng (黃文雄): famous for his failed assassination attempt against Chiang Ching-kuo in 1970; erstwhile National Policy Advisor on human rights issues to the President of the Republic of China; avid supporter of the party since it was founded. [ [ 我為甚麼支持綠黨?] (Why do I support the Green Party?)]


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External links

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