Longbow 2

Longbow 2

Infobox VG |title = Longbow 2
developer = Origin Systems
publisher = Jane's Combat Simulations / Electronic Arts
released = 1997
genre = Helicopter Sim
modes = Single Player, Multi Player
platforms = Windows
media = CD-ROM
requirements = Minimum: Pentium-133 or equivalent processor, 16 MB RAM, 2 MB video memory, 4X CD-ROM drive, DirectX 5. Recommended: 3DFX graphics card to play game in Glide mode.Input Devices Supported: Keyboard, Mouse, Other DirectInput devices.Multiplayer Options: Internet (TCP/IP), LAN, Modem, Null-modem cable.
input = Keyboard, Joystick, Mouse

"Longbow 2" is the sequel to the best-selling AH-64D Longbow from Jane's Combat Simulations. Made at Origin Systems with executive producer Andy Hollis and producer Will McBurnett on board, and released on Nov 30, 1997. This sim improved on virtually every level of the first game, and it is 3DFX-compatible from the start. New helicopters were added in the shape of the AH-64D (without radar), OH-58D Kiowa and UH-60L Black Hawk. A fully dynamic campaign engine is used to create challenging missions, and a random mission generator can be used to create a wide variety of missions.

There have been a few third-party attempts over the years to mod this game, but nothing concrete has come out of it.


* Maximum realism: Advanced physics and avionics modelling, play tested by actual Longbow pilots, realistic AI systems, Jane's interactive battlefield reference guide.

* Interactive training: Take off quickly with step-by-step missions providing all the skills you need to survive in combat - from basic flight to advanced combat tactics.

* Dynamic campaigns: Longbow 2's campaign engine can generate a new war every time you play, for nearly infinite solo and multiplayer flight action. Campaign environments include Azerbaijan and Ft. Irwin, USA.

* Multiple choppers: Command and fly a fleet of lethally armed helicopters, including the Kiowa scout, Black Hawk transport and Apache Longbow gunship.

Potential Incompatibility

Although it was made for Windows 95/98, Longbow 2 does in fact work on Windows XP and Vista, with a bit of tweaking. The LB2 community over at the [http://www.simhq.com/ SimHQ] Forums have worked hard to make this happen. Many fans have been able to get back into their favorite sim, when they thought all hope was lost. The best site to see for instructions is [http://www.speichts.com/games/lb2/ "PositiveG's LB2 install guide"] , and further tweaking details and tools can be found at [http://www.helosim.com/flyboy/lb2/ "Flyboy's Longbow 2 Site"] .

Enhanced graphics

Longbow 2 was initially made native to support the Glide graphics API. Today the graphics card industry is headed by ATI and nVidia, which only support Direct3D and OpenGL. There is a Direct3D patch update available for LB2, but with only limited improvements over Glide. The choice that most people take today to play this game is to use a glide wrapper. The most flexible one is "dgVoodoo's" glide wrapper, but there is also one made by "zeckensack".

Many people believe that using a glide wrapper produces graphics on par with, if not better than, an actual 3DFX card. The author has used both, and can say for definite that the dgVoodoo glide wrapper especially, does outperform a Voodoo 3 video card. Common issues such as texture misalignment and sprite color-mask problems, which previously were a problem with such a card, are perfected with a glide wrapper.

Advantages of using Glide mode with a glide wrapper in LB2 include:
* all the benefits of a 3DFX card
* smooth graphics
* better framerates
* hardware-accelerated effects such as lens flare, better smoke and fog
* stunning dynamic lighting effects
* higher detail object textures
* the ability to limit monitor "vsync" to slow game down on fast systems
* the ability to force higher screen resolutions than the game was meant for

For further reading on the pro's and con's of playing LB2 in Glide mode, and for links to the files there are several web available.See [http://www.helosim.com/flyboy/lb2/ "Flyboy's Longbow 2 Site"] or [http://www.speichts.com/games/lb2/ "PositiveG's Longbow 2 install guide"]

External links

* [http://www.gamespot.com/pc/sim/longbow2/ Longbow 2] at GameSpot
*moby game|id=/janes-combat-simulations-longbow-2|name="Longbow 2"
* [http://www.migman.com/ref/1990_combat/LB2/LB2.htm Longbow 2] at MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum
* [http://www.speichts.com/games/lb2/ Jane's Longbow 2 - A Speichts.com install guide]
* [http://www.helosim.com/flyboy/lb2/ Flyboy's Longbow 2 Site]
* [http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=78 SimHQ Forums for Jane's Longbow Series]
* [http://www.simhq.com/_air10/air_320a.html SimHQ "Second Look" Series Feature on the Longbow Series]
* [http://www.halo5.net/trg/ Longbow 2 Threat Recognition Guide]

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