UPS Student Organizations

UPS Student Organizations

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Choral Ensembles


Underground Jazz

Garden Level

Acting and Dance

Repertory Dance Group

Repertory Dance Group(RDG) is a dance group that puts on one show each semester at a local high school. Dances performed by the group can range from classical dance compositions to hip-hop exhibitions within one show.

Ubiquitous They

Also known as UT, Ubiquitous They is a comedy troupe that has improv, sketch and film factions.

Their Fall 2007 Sketch Show "Waldo We Know About the Drugs" can be viewed here [] .



Crosscurrents Literary & Arts Journal

The remarkable students of Puget Sound have always flowed into this place with a tidal wave of energy and vitality. And their work, especially artistic expressions of that work, have generated the creative currents that give this place its shape and meaning, just as they manifest forces that flow from deeper down and from far away. And like the swirling, churning, living Sound from which we draw our name, they even keep us alive.
- President Ronald Thomas (excerpt from 50th Anniversary Edition)

Crosscurrents Literary & Arts Journal is a printed collection of creative pieces submitted by members of the student body. While a wide selection of the works submitted are primarily literary or artistic in nature, Crosscurrents also accepts and prints other works that might also appear in a journal such as art, photos, and even sheet music. These submissions compose the group's typically bi-annual issue. It was founded in the Spring of 1958.


Elliot Trotter was named Editor-in-Chief for the 2007-2008 Session. Trotter reorganized the magazine into a journal which featured guest contributions and professor reviews of three select works in Crosscurrents' main categories (art/photo, fiction, poetry/prose).

During Fall of 2007, in an effort to promote awareness of the group, editor-in-chief Elliot Trotter deemed that it was time for a Revolution. Promotions took place that include viral marketing various ads suggesting the "Revolution is coming", and using a "pen-fist" and the date 10-18 as well as staging mock protests that the need for free expression on campus was falling upon deaf ears. The ad campaign was viewed as a success and helped to contribute to Crosscurrents' highest submission count in its history.

The Fall 2007 edition was fully distributed and is currently unavailable.

Crosscurrents celebrated its 50th anniversary in the Spring of 2008. It's Spring edition featured contributions from University President Ronald Thomas, Washington State Poet Laureate Sam Green, and Tacoma Poet Laureate Bill Kupinse. The book was very well received by the campus and Tacoma community.

Crosscurrents led the charge in putting together the 1st Annual Tattoo Literary Conference - a event which took place Tuesday, May 6th at UPS and included readers, performers and art displays from UPS, Tacoma Community College, U of Washington Tacoma, Pierce College and Pacific Lutheran University.


Adam Restad was named Editor-in-Chief for the 2008-2009 session.

[ Crosscurrents]

The Trail

The Trail is UPS' student run newspaper. The paper has become quite popular for it's "Hey You" and "Combat Zone" sections.

The Anti-Trail

The Anti-Trail is an underground zine which has been highly praised and criticized for its objectionable material. It first appeared in the middle of the Fall 2007 semester with a 2-page print-out that proclaimed war on The Trail and all other campus media.

Since it's original appearance, The Anti-Trail has been involved in many controversies including accusing the student government (ASUPS) of idiotic practices, attacking ASUPS candidates, possibly racist comments and slander, and printing a connect-the-dots penis with the University President as its head.

Lead by the pseudonym Cruzer Magnum amongst others, the true identities of the 'zine producers have not been uncovered.

The Anti-Crosscurrents

The Anti-Crosscurrents is a promotional item produced by Crosscurrents Literary & Arts Journal. Printed as a response to The Anti-Trail and to help spread the word on Crosscurrents events, the Crosscurrents staff produced a 2-page 'zine including purposely poor poetry, prose and art written by the staff. The Anti-Crosscurrents was well received and has been printed twice during the Spring of 2008.


Logger Swimming

UPS's swimming program celebrates its 50 year this year.

Logger Crew

The Logger Crew makes their home at the Commencement Bay Boathouse located at the Harry Todd Park in Tillicum, a suburb of Lakewood, Washington. They row as a part of the Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference.

UPS Club Ultimate Team

UPS Club Ultimate Team consists of a men's team the "Postmen" and a women's team "Clearcut".

Greek Societies


=Beta Theta Pi (ΒΘΠ)=

The Delta Epsilon(ΔΕ) chapter of Beta Theta Pi was granted in 1962.

=Sigma Nu (ΣΝ)=

The Zeta Alpha(ΖΑ) chapter of Sigma Nu was granted in 1948, making it the oldest fraternity still in existence. Sigma Nu recently lost their house due to infractions. Sigma Nu has reclaimed their house for the 2008-09 school year. As of June 2008, Zeta Alpha chapter of Sigma Nu is not on probation for the first time in 5 years. [ Zeta Alpha chapter of Sigma Nu]

=Sigma Chi (ΣΧ)=

The Delta Phi(ΔΦ) chapter of Sigma Chi was granted a charter on February 4, 1950. [ Delta Phi chapter of Sigma Chi]

=Phi Delta Theta (ΦΔΘ)=

The Washington Delta chapter of Phi Delta Theta was founded in 1952. [ Washington Chapter of Phi Delta Theta]

=Alpha Kappa Psi (ΑΚΨ)=

The Epsilon Nu(ΕΝ) chapter of the co-ed professional fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi was granted a charter in 1959. Alpha Kappa Psi does not have a physical house on the UPS campus. [ AKPsi]

=Sigma Alpha Iota(ΣΑΙ)=

Sigma Alpha Iota is a music fraternity for women. Sigma Alpha Iota does not have an actual house though it could be said that the Muse's theme house is an extension of the SAI ideas. [ SAI at UPS]

=Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (ΦΜΑ)=

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is an all-male music fraternity. Like SAI, Sinfonia does not operate a house of its own but there is the Music House, an all-male theme house for musicians that has kept the same residence for 15 years.


=Alpha Phi (ΑΦ)=

The Gamma Zeta(ΓΖ) chapter of Alpha Phi or A-Phi was granted a charter in 1953.

=Gamma Phi Beta (ΓΦΒ)=

The Gamma Epsilon() chapter of Gamma Phi Beta or simply Gamma Phi was granted a charter in 1961.

=Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ)=

The Delta Iota(ΔΙ) chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta or Theta as it is known was granted a charter in 1963. [ Delta Iota chapter]

=Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ)=

The Washington Gamma chapter of Pi Beta Phi or Pi-Phi was granted a charter in 1948, making them currently the oldest sorority on campus.

Miscellaneous Student Groups

Black Student Union

tudents for a Free Tibet

tudents for a Sustainable Campus

Bisexuals, Gays, Lesbians, and Allies For Diversiy (BGLAD)

BGLAD is the Queer-Straight Alliance on campus, and is believed to be the largest diversity club on campus. It puts on the annual drag show, as well as Queer History Month and other events

Puget Sound Outdoors

Puget Sound Outdoors, or PSO, is the outdoors club on campus. They are responsible for the Passages portion of New Student orientation. For enthused outdoorsy students, PSO also offers student housing. Schiff, primarily a freshman dorm, is considered to be the Outdoor Dorm and requires an application for entering students. For returning students, aside from a few spots in Schiff there is also the Outhaus. Outhaus is a theme house on Theme Row. [ PSO-Puget Sound Outdoors]

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