Ho ho ho

Ho ho ho

Ho ho ho is a rendition of a particular type of deep-throated laugh or chuckle.

Also as "expressing laughter" is recorded from c. 1150. [Modern Language Association (MLA): "ho." Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 08 Nov. 2007. .]

Use of this laugh is allegedly being discouraged in Australian malls by a recruitment firm, Westaff, which supplies much of the mall Santas. According to the story, the firm cites that the laugh, when used loudly, could be frightening to children and could even be considered derogatory to women. They recommend that a Santa lowering his voice and saying "ha ha ha" might be more welcoming. [Fyfe-Yeomans , Janet., and Amanda Grant. Australian Santas Asked Not to 'Ho Ho Ho'. 15 Nov. 2007. 16 Nov. 2007 .] This idea was highly criticized by the Australian media, and general public. 'Ho Ho Ho' was used predominantly in 2007 as backlash to Westaff's concept.

However, this story has since been proven false through a statement and FAQ released by Westaff. [ [http://www.snopes.com/politics/christmas/hohoho.asp Snopes.com discussion of event] ]

The film critic Roger Ebert is known for his sarcastic use of the phrase, often using the term "ho ho ho humor" to describe scatalogical, cornball or slapstick humor.

As a Canadian Postal Code

Canada Post uses the characters H0H 0H0 as the postal code for letters to be sent to Santa Claus. [ [http://www.canadapost.ca/corporate/about/newsroom/letters_editor/letters-e.asp?l=belleville Canada post official letter] ]

The full address is::SANTA CLAUS:NORTH POLE H0H 0H0:CANADA

Since the postal code system has 'H0' set up to represent a tiny or rural village ('0') inside of the city of Montreal ('H'), this does not conflict with any other normal postal codes.

Characters who are associated with this laugh

*Santa Claus
*Jolly Green Giant
*The Happy Mask Salesman
*Jabba the Hutt
*Kefka Palazzo



Black people took offense to Santa's deep laugh of, "Ho, ho, ho," because it could also be taken as a reference to whores. Since in the Black Community, Ho can also mean Whore, it is understandable why Blacks may take offense.

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