Lever (disambiguation)

Lever (disambiguation)

Lever (from French "lever", to raise) is a rigid object that is used to multiply the mechanical force

Lever may refer to one of the following.

*Lever, Portugal, a town in Portugal
*Lever parish, Portugal, a parish in Portugal

;Businesses and organizations:
*Lever Brothers

*Johnny Lever, a Bollywood actor
*William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme
*Lafayette Lever, an American professional basketball player in the NBA
*Sir Hardman Lever, 1st Baronet
*Tim Lever, a former member of British pop group Dead or Alive
*John Lever, a left arm fast medium bowler
*Darcy Lever, a nineteenth century British author and expert in seamanship
*Charles Lever, an Irish novelist of English descent
*Eddie Lever, the manager of the English football club Portsmouth F.C. from 1952-1958
*Mark Lever, a former English footballer.
*Harold Lever, Baron Lever of Manchester
*Ashton Lever (1729 - 1788), an English collector of natural objects
*Don Lever, aprofessional ice hockey left winger
*Henry W. Lever, the tenth head college football coach for the Carroll College
*Arthur Lever (footballer)
*Derek Lever, an English comedy magician and the founder and Managing Director of the Taurus Magic Supply Company
*Leslie Lever, Baron Lever
*Arthur Lever
*Asbury Francis Lever (January 5, 1875 - April 28, 1940) was a member of the United States House of Representatives from South Carolina.
*Philip Lever, 3rd Viscount Leverhulme
*Harry Lever (born January 5, 1886) was an Australian rules footballer who played with St Kilda in the VFL
*Charles Lever (August 31, 1806 - June 1, 1872) was an Irish novelist of English descent.]

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