Mariana Levy

Mariana Levy
Mariana Levy
Born Mariana Levy Fernández
April 22, 1966(1966-04-22)
Mexico City, México
Died April 29, 2005(2005-04-29) (aged 39)
Mexico City, México
Spouse Ariel López Padilla (January 10, 1988 – October 15, 1997)
Jose Maria Fernandez (November 25, 2000 – April 29, 2005)

Mariana Levy Fernández (April 22, 1966 – April 29, 2005) was a Mexican telenovela actress, singer and television show host. She was the daughter of actress Talina Fernández.



Mariana Levy was born in Mexico City. Levy demonstrated a great desire to become an actress from an early age, and, by the time she turned sixteen in 1982, she participated in her first Televisa soap opera, Vivir Enamorada ("Living in Love"), where she played "Verónica". Levy took 1983 off, then returned to the small screen in 1984, in a major Televisa hit, Los Años Felices ("The Happy Years"). In Los Años Felices, she played the role of "Nancy". Her next telenovela, 1986's Martín Garatuza was not successful.

The opposite can be said of her next work, as "Linda", in 1987's Rosa Salvaje ("Wild Rosa"). Rosa Salvaje, about a girl named Rosa who falls in love with a millionaire but was not accepted by his family, became a hit all over Latin America, Europe and Asia. Levy became known in places including Spain, Puerto Rico, Russia, Venezuela and Argentina. In Rosa Salvaje, she acted alongside Verónica Castro and Guillermo Capetillo, among others.

She participated in 1988's Lo Blanco y Lo Negro ("What's White and What's Black"), alongside Rafael Sanchez Navarro among others, as "Alma de Castro". She took off the rest of the 1980s, but, in 1990, she returned to television with the task of playing three characters in the same soap opera; playing "Ángela", "Gimena" and "Estrella" in Yo compro esa mujer ("I'll buy that woman").

By the time she participated in En Carne Propia ("Inside your own skin"), also in 1990, she had already met the famous actor and dance teacher, Ariel López Padilla. It had been long rumored among fans that López Padilla was homosexual, but he had been romantically involved with Levy. In 1994, Levy and Lopez Padilla worked together again in the telenovela Caminos Cruzados, where both of them played the lead. It was during this production that they finally got together for good. On June 28 of 1996, the pair married in front of millions of TV viewers, as they said their vows in the popular talk show "Cristina", conducted by the famous talk-show host Cristina Saralegui. The couple had one daughter, María (born on March 28, 1996), as the result of their marriage. But their marriage ended up in a bad divorce, with Levy telling gossip magazines that López Padilla was, after all, gay.[citation needed]

While Levy was given custody of her daughter, her story about López Padilla being gay soon became moot because he was accused by a female dance student of him raping her. He was found not guilty. Before taking off three years for her marriage, she participated in another major Mexican soap opera hit, 1991's La Pícara Soñadora ("The Flirtatious Dreamer") as "Lupita".

In 1994, she made her only film when she acted in Amorosos Fantasmas, which was named "Phantoms in Love" for its English-language VCR release. During the rest of her acting career, she acted in nine telenovelas, most of them which were not notable, except for1997's Leonela.[citation needed]

She married again, this time to José María Fernández, the half brother of Chantal Andere. In 2003, Mariana Levy joined her mother, Talina Fernández, as cohost of her televised variety show, Nuestra Casa ("Our House"), and also participated in her final telenovela, the hugely successful Amor Real. This production was set in the mid 19th century, and in one of her most memorable characters ever, Mariana played an ugly-duckling-turned-to-swan character, Josefina. She retired to give birth to Paula (born on January 19, 2002) and José Emilio (born on July 7, 2004).


Mexico City police, based on witness testimonies, have given many different theories about Levy's death. It is known for sure that she suffered a heart attack while stopped at a red light in the Mexico City neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec. However, the question so far is exactly what caused her death: Some witnesses said that she had her heart attack while a gunman was pointing a revolver at her to steal her car; others simply said that she became scared, due to the recent incidents in which many Mexican entertainers or their families have been kidnapped for money, when she saw a large man approaching her car. According to the later version, she ordered her husband to close the car's windows, but began to have the heart attack when she felt chest pains and shortness of breath soon after.

Her husband was actually driving across town to a theme park (Six Flags México), where she and her family were to meet with some friends for a family day. The paramedics tried to resuscitate Mariana Levy in vain on the heart attack's scene. She was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she was declared dead at 13:30 local time (UTC –5) on April 29, 2005, aged 39. The police did arrest a group of individuals that were being investigated in connection with some car theft crimes and who happened to be on the scene of Levy's death.

Her mother, Talina Fernández, was in a studio about to tape a show when she received the news of her daughter's death.


  • 2003: Amor real .... Josefina De Icaza
  • 2002: Mujer, casos de la vida real "Abandonado"
  • 2000: Rayito de luz
  • 2000: La casa en la playa .... Elisa White viuda de Villarreal
  • 1999: Cuento de Navidad .... Guadalupe 'Lupita'
  • 1997: Leonela .... Leonela Ferrari Mirabal "Leonela: Muriendo de amor" (Peru)
  • 1996: El vuelo del águila .... Carmelita Romero Rubio (joven)
  • 1996: Bendita Mentira .... Carolina
  • 1995: La última esperanza .... Estelita
  • 1994: Amorosos fantasmas
  • 1994: Caminos cruzados .... Patricia
  • 1992: Sonata de luna
  • 1992: Lo blanco y lo negro .... Alma de Castro
  • 1991: La pícara soñadora .... Lupita López
  • 1991: En carne propia .... Dulce Olivia Montenegro
  • 1990: Un corazón para dos
  • 1990: Yo compro esa mujer .... Jimena
  • 1987: Rosa salvaje .... Linda
  • 1986: Martín Garatuza
  • 1986: Rapunsell
  • 1984: Los años felices .... Nancy
  • 1982: Vivir enamorada .... Veronica

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