Diligence (disambiguation)

Diligence (disambiguation)

Diligence is one of the seven virtues

Diligence may also refer to:

  • Diligence (Scots law) - a legal process in Scots law
  • Diligence (vehicle) - a type of four-wheeled enclosed coach
  • Due diligence, a legal concept
  • De Vlijt (disambiguation) (Dutch for "The Diligence") - a name given to some windmills in the Netherlands
  • La Diligence - an album in the Lucky Luke comics series
  • La Diligence (restaurant) - a Michelin starred restaurant in Beek, Netherlands


  • RFA Diligence (A132) - a fleet repair ship of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • USCGC Diligence (WMEC-616) - a United States Coast Guard medium endurance cutter
  • USRC Diligence - one of the first ten cutters operated by the United States' Revenue Cutter Service
  • ST Diligent - a tug operated by the Admiralty between 1947 and 1961.

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