New York gubernatorial election, 1990

New York gubernatorial election, 1990
New York gubernatorial election, 1990
New York
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November 6, 1990
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Candidate Mario Cuomo Pierre Rinfret Herbert London
Party Democratic Republican Conservative
Popular vote 2,157,087 865,948 827,614
Percentage 53.2% 21.4% 20.4%

Governor before election

Mario Cuomo

Elected Governor

Mario Cuomo

The 1990 New York gubernatorial election was held on November 6, 1990 to elect the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York.


1990 General election results
Governor candidate Running Mate Party Popular Vote
Mario M. Cuomo Stan Lundine Democratic,
2,157,087 (53.17%)
Pierre Rinfret George Yancey, Jr. Republican 865,948 (21.35%)
Herbert London Anthony DiPerna Conservative 827,614 (20.40%)
Louis P. Wein Gertrude G. Manning Right to Life 137,804 (3.40%)
Lenora Fulani Ada I. Vazquez New Alliance 31,089 (0.77%)
W. Gary Johnson Dottie Lou Brokaw Libertarian 24,611 (0.61%)
Craig Gannon Susan Anmuth Socialist Workers 12,743 (0.31%)

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