Sweet 75

Sweet 75

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Img_capt = Album cover of Sweet 75's first and only album "sweet 75" (1997).
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Origin = USA
Genre = Alternative rock
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Years_active = 1995 — 2000
Label = Geffen Records
Associated_acts = Nirvana, Eyes Adrift, Mark Lanegan Band, Flipper, No WTO Combo, The Stinkypuffs, Sky Cries Mary, Mike Watt, Aya
Current_members =
Past_members = Krist Novoselic
Yva Las Vegas
Adam Wade
Bill Rieflin
Gina Mainwal

Sweet 75 was a band formed by Krist Novoselic in 1995 after the death of Nirvana band member Kurt Cobain.


The self titled album

In 1996 a bootleg of a November 17, 1995 live show was released by the record company Sea Monkey called "Trucked Up Fuck Stop".

In 1997, the band released its first and only album, "Sweet 75". Despite a moderate critical reception, the album was considered commercial failure. In addition, a single of the song "Lay Me Down" was released in connection with the album. It contained the album tracks "Lay Me Down" and "La Vida", and a previously unreleased song called "Soap Zone".

Track listing

#Lay Me Down
#Bite My Hand
#Red Dress
#La Vida
#Six Years
#Take Another Stab
#Poor Kitty
#Ode To Dolly
#Cantos De Pilon
#Japan Trees
#Oral Health

The second album and breakup

As reported by All Music Guide, the band reconvened in 2000 to record a sophomore effort but Novoselic and Las Vegas eventually decided to go their separate ways, citing "musical differences." Novoselic reappeared on the music scene in 2000 with the band Eyes Adrift, featuring members of Meat Puppets and Sublime, two alternative rock bands. The band released a self-titled album and a single for the song "Alaska" and then called it quits. Novoselic is currently working on an album with the punk rock band Flipper.


*Krist Novoselic (Guitar)
*Yva Las Vegas (Bass, Vocals)
*Adam Wade (drums)
*Bill Rieflin (Drums)
*Gina Mainwal (drums)

See also

*Foo Fighters
*Eyes Adrift

External links

* [http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/sweet_seventy_five/bio.jhtml VH1 biography of Sweet 75]
* [http://www.novoselic.com/sweet75/ Krist Novoselic's Sweet 75 web page]
* [http://www1.gemm.com/item/NIRVANA/SWEET--75--TRUCKED--UP--FUCKSTOP/GML812487283/ Sweet 75-"Trucked Up Fuck Stop" (LIVE CD)]

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