An equal-to-the-apostles (Greek: polytonic|Iσαπόστολος, "isapostolos"; Latin: "aequalis apostolis"; _ro. întocmai cu Apostolii; _ru. равноапостольный, "ravnoapostolni"; Bulgarian and Serbian: polytonic|равноапостолни, "ravnoapostolni") is a special title given to some canonized Saints in Eastern Orthodoxy. It is also used by Eastern Rite Catholic Churches that are in communion with Rome. The title is bestowed as a recognition of these saints' outstanding service in the spreading and assertion of Christianity, comparable to that of the original apostles.

Below is a partial list of saints who are called "equal-to-the-apostles":

*Mary Magdalene (1st century)
*Photine, the Samaritan Woman (1st century)
*Thekla (1st century)
*Abercius of Hieropolis (2nd century)
*Helena of Constantinople ("ca." 250 – "ca." 330)
*Constantine I, the Great ("ca." 272 – 337)
*Nino of Georgia ("ca." 296 – "ca." 338 or 340)
*Patrick of Ireland (5th century)
*Cyril (827 – 869)
*Methodius (826 – 885)
*Boris I of Bulgaria (died 907)
*Olga of Kiev ("ca." 890 – 969)
*Vladimir ("ca." 958 – 1015)
*Sava I of Serbia (1175 – 1235)
*Cosmas of Aetolia (1714 – 1779)
*Innocent of Alaska (1797 – 1879)
*Nicholas of Japan (1836 – 1912)

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